Sydney – Student spotlight: Anna’s experience at Lexis Manly and future plans – 14 June 2024

Student spotlight: Anna shared her experience at Lexis Manly and the impact this special time had on her future plans.

Student Experience
Anna (right) with her new friend Miori on Manly Beach

“Seeing Manly Beach every day was a happy experience for me. I was able to relax a lot after being busy working every day in Japan.”
– Anna, 30, from Japan

Every week we have new students arriving in Manly with individual goals, what unites them is the aim to improve their English and make memories for a lifetime. Today we want to hear about our student’s experience, proud moments, first days, friendships and challenges and acknowledge the amazing achievements of a very special student: Anna.

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Anna studied at Lexis Manly for 12 weeks. After a few weeks in our elementary class, she mastered the basics and moved up to our Pre-Intermediate class. Anna quickly fell in love with the beach lifestyle Manly offers and decided early on she would like to stay in Australia as long as possible. Aware of the option to extend her Working Holiday Visa she soon started making plans for her time after Lexis Manly and with the help of our staff and her classmates she soon found a goal to work towards: Moving to Esperance, WA, to complete her 88 days and extending her visa by another year.

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About me and why I chose Lexis Manly

For the past 8 years I have been working a stressful full time job in an IT company back in Japan. My life in Japan was mostly to work and go home, so I didn’t have many opportunities to meet new people. For me, looking for some new stimulation, studying English abroad was the perfect environment. When I spoke to an agent about working holidays, I mentioned that I loved the ocean and was introduced to Lexis Manly, so I went with my intuition and prepared for my big adventure. My school life at Lexis gave me more new experiences than I had imagined, I made wonderful friends, and it also gave me the opportunity to challenge myself in many ways.

Class 1

Insights on studying at Lexis Manly

I was able to make friends with people from many different countries in class: Japan, Spain, Türkiye, Thailand, Korea, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic…
During the speaking activities in class, I was able to learn about the differences in culture, values, and what is generally accepted in each country, which was interesting. Everyone was very enthusiastic during class, opinions were flying around, and there were days when we got so excited that the teacher in the class next door asked us “were you having a party?”.

I also remember making earrings with my classmates over wine and food at a classmate’s houses on a day off. After class we went to cafes, had dinner at a trendy restaurant, went shopping, visited several beaches, and had a variety of experiences with our classmates that could only be had in Sydney!

Another unforgettable memory from my last class is that on my graduation day, we all went on a picnic to Shelly Beach.

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Social life at Lexis Manly

The main reason I decided to go to school was to expand my circle of friends rather than to learn a language. Since it was my first time back in school in 12 years, I was confused and shy at first so I often went out alone or went straight home after school. However, I eventually brought up the courage to attend after-class workshops, and was able to make friends outside of my own class and interacted with the other teachers. Over the next weeks I would participate in many different activities and workshops that Lexis offers: Art craft, Conversation & Pronunciation, Singing, Study Help, Cocktail class, Kayaking, Australian Studies, Job + Accommodation, Beach Sports… In each workshop, I was able to learn things that I could not learn in regular classes, and I was also able to gather information about jobs, accommodation, and career paths after graduation.

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My biggest achievements

The accomplishment I am most proud of is that I acted upon my feelings and interests. The reason is that the actions I took helped me in unexpected ways. I needed to go to the countryside to work in order to extend my visa, but I couldn’t find a place that suited me. But thanks to the relationships and casual conversations I made during my studies, I was able to find my next destination and even my next home before I even left Sydney. If I hadn’t participated in the workshop, if I hadn’t actively spoken to students and teachers, I don’t think I would have the future I have today. Now I’m grateful for stepping out of my comfort zone and the tips I received from my friends and teachers.

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Top tips for new students

Talk to a variety of people, try to experience anything that interests you, just simply enjoy very minute of it!

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Great memories I will never forget

My favourite experience was the homestay. I was able to experience a different culture with an Australian family and learn about daily customs, so every day was new and exciting. Every day we shared what happened that day, watched TV together, went for walks, celebrated my host mother’s birthday – they welcomed me warmly, which had a big impact on my motivation to study English. The time I spent with my host family has become an irreplaceable part of my life!



Thank you Anna for sharing some insights on your time at Lexis Manly!


Anna has recently moved to Western Australia and found a job at a local cafe in Esperance that will help her extend her visa. Once her second year is granted, she is planning to return to Lexis to join our Barista course and explore Australia even more. She is planning to simply do “whatever makes me happy” for the next years. We wish you all the best, Anna and will miss you around campus. You have been an amazing student to witness grow as a person, support reaching your English goals and watching you piece together a plan for the future.

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How to become a Lexis English homestay host

To be approved as a Lexis English homestay host, the college will arrange a time to inspect your property. Requirements are:

  • Each student must have a clean room of their own.
  • Preference is given to homes that are on a direct bus route to the college – no more than a 50 minute commute.
  • Hosts must provide breakfast and an evening meal Mon-Sun. On weekends – a packed lunch is required.
  • Hosts who provide accommodation to students under the age of 18 need a current Working With Children Permit. All adults living in the household must have this. Permits for Lexis Sydney can be applied for here.

Families or individuals who are interested in becoming a Lexis Sydney Homestay Host should complete this online form.
Alternatively, email [email protected] to arrange a call back.

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