Sydney – Congratulations to our amazing graduates – 17 November 2023

Today we are celebrating our amazing graduates and course finishers at Lexis Manly.

Sydney Graduates
Our graduates celebrating with their new friends, classes and teachers

Today we said goodbye to 14 amazing students, who have worked hard over the past 2 – 48 weeks, while enjoying the Manly and making new friends. We enjoyed a graduation by the beach and celebrated our students – all classmates and new friends joined the fun and made sure our graduates make one more lasting memory before saying their goodbyes.

Every journey at Lexis Manly is different and the students have different goals, it is always great to look back on their time with us during graduation day and find out what the future plans are, before having to say goodbye to our graduates.

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Claudio with his teacher Steve

Claudio from Switzerland has studied with us for 6 weeks. Even though he has only been with his CAE class for the past 2 weeks, it was a very tough goodbye for teacher Steve and his class. His great sense of humour and great english skills have impressed us all. He nailed his mock exam and we are sad to not have him around for the actual Cambridge exam, as he surely would have scored a great result. He will be missed by many, but we wish him a great time exploring the outback with his friends and make the most of the remaining 4 weeks before heading home.

4 5 E1700450233194
Asami and Serhat with their teacher Delphine

Asami from Japan has studied with us for 17 weeks, starting off rather intimidated and shy. Her English journey started in a beginner class to learn the basics, now 17 weeks later she is graduating from pre-intermediate, able to easily have a conversation, leaving with plenty new friends and a host family that would have preferred to keep her forever. You have impressed us all and we will surely miss your creative and bubbly personality around campus. Serhat from Turkey has had a similar journey over the past 25 weeks. He has been with us for so many month that we barely remember our campus without him. He always took the time to have a chat with other students or our staff and worked hard to reach his goal. Well done to both of you!

2 7 E1700448942570
Congratulations to Claudio, Sarah, Christine, Serhat and Asami.

Our congratulations go to:

General English graduates

  • CAE – Claudio Giovanni Blaser
  • Advanced – Yamila Debora Betanzos
  • Upper-intermediate – Batuhan Elitok, Sarah Kinkel, Simon Reinertz, Elsid Bajrami
  • Intermediate – Christine Oestreicher, Sylvie Kubankova
  • Pre-intermediate – Serhat Boza, Asami Nomoto, Carolina Parrillo, Luis Eduardo Sanchez
  • Elementary – Larissa Almeida Borges
  • Starter – Shogo Hirota


All the best to our graduates from Lexis Manly!


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