Student News

Big congratulations this week to the following students:

Kai Kreling

After finishing our  ten week TESOL course,Kai is our first Brazilian student to be awarded  Certificate IV TESOL. He is now qualified to teach English in Australia and overseas. Kai said that even though the study was very difficult he loved every minute, especially the teaching practice.



When Moona returned to Korea she took the TOEIC speaking test.  She was thrilled to get a level  7 which means that she can get a scholarship from her University. She wrote, it is very hard to get a score over 6 even though some people studied in other countries for 1 year. I think it was because of the time I studied with you that I got this satisfying score. Thanks so much to my teacher Kimm.


Ronaldo Talledo

Ronnie couldn’t wait to rush into school and tell his IELTS teacher, Anjali that he had gained the 5.5 he needed for migration. Anjali said,  “Ronnie studied very hard and really deserved this. The whole class is delighted for him”.Ronnie


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