Student House availability

GV Noosa student houses are still quite full leading into the new year, but there are often short-stays available

Sarena Twin Room

If you’re only looking for a stay for a couple of weeks, there are still rooms available in some houses.  Here is a quick list, but there are more ‘gaps’ that you can speak to the Accommodation Office about!

Challenge Court:  Up to 6wks from 12 December (Single and Share)

Belfa Place: Up to 6wks from November 22 (Single and Share)

Advance Place: Up to 4 weeks from October 30 (Share)

Sarena Court: Ongoing availability from November 28 (Share)

Tarina Street:  Up to 4 weeks from November 21 (Share)

Please drop into the Accommodation Office for more information, or download the information sheets below:

Advance Place Student Apartment

Belfa Place Student House

Southern Cross Parade Student Apartment

Challenge Court Student House

Sarena Court Student House

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