What’s with all the bikes??

Noticed all the fit-looking people running and cycling around town this week?  The Noosa Triathlon is on again from this weekend!

The Noosa Triathlon is one of the leading triathlon events held in Australia.  One of the best features of the race is that it offers the chance for the general public to compete in the same event as Olympic gold medalists (though perhaps not much chance of beating them!). 

Running in conjunction with the Triathlon is a multi-sports festival (any excuse for a party!), including a firework display in Noosa Woods (at the end of Hastings St) on Friday night at 8pm.  You can see a list of all the events here:  http://www.usmevents.com.au/ntmsf/functions.html .

With 5000 competitiors and many, many more spectators, the Noosa Triathlon is one of the big events on the calendar here on the Sunshine Coast.  Why not wander down with some friends to take in all the action?

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