Noosa – Sadly Saying Farewell to 5 Amazing Students – 13 October

Sadly, it’s time to Say Goodbye to Our Amazing Students, Naiara, Fumiya, Riena, Furkan and Daniela.

Diverse Journeys, One Destination: Lexis English Noosa!

Australia is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, stunning beaches, and diverse culture. But what often goes unnoticed is the thriving international student community, drawn to the Land Down Under for its world-class education system and language schools. Among the countless institutions catering to international students, Lexis English Noosa stands out as a popular choice for those seeking to enhance their English proficiency.

In this blog post, we will take you on a journey through the experiences of five international students who came to Lexis English Noosa with one common goal – to improve their English language skills. Naiara Oliveira from Brazil, Fumiya and Riena Matsuura, a delightful couple from Japan, Furkan Sertkaya from Turkey, and Daniela Waelti from Switzerland.

Naiara Oliveira, hailing from the vibrant country of Brazil, embarked on her journey to Lexis English Noosa to prepare for the IELTS exam. Aspiring to pursue further studies in Australia, Naiara recognized the importance of a strong English language foundation. The IELTS preparation course at Lexis English Noosa offered her the opportunity to fine-tune her English skills and enhance her chances of achieving her dreams.

Fumiya and Riena Matsuura, a charming couple from Japan, decided to explore the world of English together. They chose Lexis English Noosa to enhance their language skills. The General English program was the perfect choice for them, allowing them to learn and practice English in a vibrant and multicultural environment.

Furkan Sertkaya, all the way from Turkey, came to Lexis English Noosa with a passion for exploring different cultures and a thirst for language skills. The General English program allowed him to immerse himself in a world of English, improving his speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Furkan’s experience in Noosa was not just about language; it was about personal growth and global connections.

Daniela Waelti, a Swiss national, chose Lexis English Noosa to refine her English proficiency. Opting for the General English program, she went a step further and supplemented her learning with six weeks of private tutoring. The private tutoring sessions were tailored to her specific needs, enabling her to progress rapidly. She also joined a local surf school in Noosa, Merrick Learn to Surf, to make the best of her time in Australia!

Sadly, Saying Goodbye To Our Amazing Students


Lexis English Noosa has become a global hub for students seeking to enhance their English language skills. As exemplified by Naiara Oliveira, Fumiya and Riena Matsuura, Furkan Sertkaya, and Daniela Waelti, the diverse student community at Lexis English Noosa is a testament to the institution’s excellence in language education.

These international students have not only improved their English proficiency but have also experienced the rich culture and stunning landscapes of Noosa. Their journeys are a testament to the power of education in bringing the world closer and making dreams a reality. Lexis English Noosa is not just a school; it’s a bridge that connects individuals from all corners of the globe, enriching their lives through language and culture.

These 5 exceptionally talented students will be dearly missed, leaving a void not only among the Lexis staff but also within their circle of friends and colleagues. Sadly, it’s time to say farewell to them.

We wish them all the very best for their future!

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