Our Valentines Day Party!!!

At GV Noosa we thought we thought we’d get in early and celebrate Valentines Day last Friday night.

Wow! What a great way to get to know the students at GV Noosa.  Not only was there love in the air, Student Valentines partied all night with Passionate Punch, Pizza, Ladies in Red, and Limbo Laughter.  Everybody was so well dressed, two beautiful women tied for the ‘Best Dressed Prize’.  Chocolates and champagne were given away to the winners of Musical Hearts’, Lovers Limbo, Best Valentines Day Card and Best Dressed.

Not only was it Don’s farewell, we had a few students leave us that night.  Best of luck to Little Benji, Crusader Chris and Marvellous Michelle.  We will miss you.  Marc the romantic, surprised his beautiful girlfriend Caroline with a scrumptious birthday cake for her 25th,  along with his heart for Valentines Day.  Rumor has it, the two have rendezvoused to Fraser Island for a romantic getaway.

While the party flourished we got to take a closer look at our sweet valentine couples.

John & Andrea

Img 51811Three things I love about John:

  1. He’s funny.
  2. He’s romantic.
  3. He’s special, he is what he is.

Three things i love about Andrea:

  1. Her gorgeous smile and the ability to share it with all people around her.
  2. Her caring personality.
  3. Her spontaneity and joy of living that make every moment, a moment of luck and happiness.

Marc & Caroline

Img 51721

This beautiful couple are a match made in heaven.  You could see it in their eyes.  We hope you are having a very special time at Fraser guys.

David & Delphine

Img 5170Delphine attacked David before their arrival with kisses.  They couldn’t keep their lips off each other at the party.  Definately GV Noosa’s passionately exclusive item.

Leandro & Rafael

Img 5190

Unfortunately this couple split up after the party.  Rafael let us know how he felt about Leandro.

  1. He brings beer.
  2. He brings Jack Daniels.
  3. He plays the guitar.

We would also like to thank David and Tina for cleaning for us.  A BIG thanks to Victor for his Double Balloon Blowing.  Everybody, Thankyou for your help cleaning up after the party! Top work!

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