Noosa – Congratulations, Noosa students Graduates on Reaching this Significant Milestone in your Academic Journey! – 9 June

A Milestone Achieved! Congratulations to our Beautiful General English Students and our Cambridge students this week.

Celebrating the End of Studies and Personal Growth. Graduation is a momentous occasion that honors the remarkable achievements and personal development of our students. It’s a time to reflect on the transformative experiences they have had, academically and personally, and eagerly anticipate the promising opportunities that await them. Witnessing their progress in mastering the English language has been truly gratifying, and we sincerely hope that their time at Lexis Noosa has forged enduring memories and friendships.

A huge congratulations to this week’s graduates:

General English: Saya, Alexander, Yuri and Cindy.

Cambridge FCE: Matheus, Lara, Norah, Irina, Kana, Sereina, Laura Maria and Livia.

Cambridge CAE: Dominik, Mirjam, Irene, Moana, Nora, Saskia, Annina, Sara and Zoe

Cambridge CPE: Maria Fernanda, Norah, Franzisca and Marvin.

Grad09.062 Grad09.06 Grad06.093 Grad09.0604

We hope they’ll always remember their time here and we wish them all the best for their future!

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