Noosa – Farewell to Our Wonderful Graduates – 23rd February

Today, we celebrate the accomplishments of 9 graduating students who have all worked so hard throughout their time here!

Today, we said a bitter-sweet goodbye to nine remarkable graduates from Lexis Noosa. Throughout their academic journey, these nine students have not only embraced the challenges of education but have also thrived in many exciting cultural experiences that our Lexis community offers. From the early morning classes to the lively conversations during breaks and engaging afternoon activities, each moment shared with these students has been a precious memory. Their commitment to mastering a new language is truly admirable, and we take pride in acknowledging their dedication and perseverance.

Congratulations to these graduates of Lexis English Noosa – Friday 23rd February 2024!
  • Hikaru from Japan
  • Arika from Japan
  • Selina from Switzerland
  • Yannick from Switzerland
  • Matthias from Switzerland
  • Yota from Japan
  • David from Switzerland
  • Caterina from Spain
  • Maja from Switzerland
Maja and her PSGT teacher Tatiana
David and his teacher Phil
Arika, Yota and their teacher Kimberley
Yannick, Hikaru, Matthias and their teacher Emily
Selina and her teacher Robyn
Caterina and her IELTS teacher Mila

Saying goodbye is always difficult but hearing about their achievements throughout their time here and witnessing how far they’ve progressed, is truly special. Lets take a quick look at each student’s progression and hear about their exciting plans they now have after their studies.

Hikaru is a lovely, young women from Japan that has been apart of our Lexis family for a short 4 weeks. Starting in the elementary level, she quickly progressed to pre-intermediate where she graduates from today. Her teacher described her as a polite, punctual and hard working student that always achieved excellent exam results.  She will now travel back home to Japan to study Biology.

Arika has also been with us for only 4 weeks, but we’ve loved having him apart of our school! Arika graduates from elementary today and his teacher said he has been progressing so quick! If he keeps practicing English, we’re sure he’d be flying through advanced in no time! Arika always tries his best, is dedicated and participates in almost every afternoon activity! Arika is also home to Japan to see his family and friends.

Selina has completed 8 weeks of English and graduates from pre-intermediate. Her teacher describes her as attentive and participates well in class. Selina also is also one of our main activity gurus, joining almost every afternoon activity with friends. We will miss her beautiful personality here. She will be travelling to Uluru, then to Adelaide to dive with the sharks, then Melbourne and Sydney before returning to Switzerland.

Yannick and Matthias are brothers with a close friendship. They’ve travelled to Australia together and have spent 6 weeks learning English at Lexis Noosa. Their understanding of the language is amazing and have progressed quickly. Today, we celebrate their achievements as they worked their way up from elementary to pre-intermediate in such a short time. Now they will travel to Cairns and hire a van to explore WA for 6 weeks.

Yota joined the elementary class and completed 1 short week here. Within that week, he worked hard and tried his absolute best in class! Yota quickly made friends here and is now travelling back to Japan.

David was also with us for a short period of time, completing 3 weeks in our advanced class. David is an engineer in train safety in Switzerland, and will now fly to Germany for a work project.

Caterina has completed 16 weeks of intense studies in our IELTS class. She’s got a beautiful and warm personality, who is always positive and supportive of others. Her smile lights up any room and we’ll be sad to see her go. Throughout her time here, Caterina has been determined and focused, asking many questions to get a better understanding of the IELTS test requirements. She has explored many parts of the East Coast of Australia on her weekends and holidays, understanding the balance of life and work. After her big exam, Caterina will travel to Bali for a well-deserved holiday.

To our graduates, we extend our heartfelt wishes to you all! Congratulations, and we hope you cherished your time at Lexis Noosa.

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