Michael’s Memories of Byron Bay!

Michael Happy Student

Michael Niederberger has been here with us at Lexis English | Byron Bay for four weeks – after an initial two weeks that was then extended, as he enjoyed it too much here to want to go travelling afterwards!

Q: Michael, what have been your favourite things about studying here at Byron Bay?

A: Well, the weather was really good! You can also go for a quick surf after school – it’s a mix of learning English and sports, and enjoying the weather.

Q: And what did you make of your fellow students?

A: They were all really nice – there were a lot of other Swiss people but not just Swiss German, also Swiss French and a good mixture of other nationalities.

Q: How did your teachers help you?

A: Katherine and Claudia were both really lovely in the class, and every lesson was varied which made it really interesting.

Q: You were only supposed to study for two weeks and then extended to four weeks – why did you decide to stay longer?

A: It was the whole package – nice people and surfing – I enjoyed it too much to go travelling! But now I know that I can always come back.

Here is a video that we made where Michael talks about his best memories of his time here at Byron!


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