Message From Ana

We always love to hear from our students.  Thank you Ana for the lovely email below.

At Main Beach, Noosa

Hey, it’s me Ana,

I want to say thanks to the school, you and my  CAE teacher, Annette for everything that you`ve done for me and my friends!

Because of all your support, I learned a lot and was able to pass the exam!

During all my months in Noosa, everything at school worked, and everytime I had problems, it was easy to solve them with the help of staff.

Noosa is magical, such a cute little city, I already miss it so much.To be back in Rio with my family and friends is also nice, but nothing is like there! It was like I was living a dream of almost 6 months.

Keep the good work because I`m sure that everyone thinks the same way as me!


cheers, Ana

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