Meet Lexis Perth student – Jerson from Colombia

Jerson comes from the eastern part of Colombia and has been living, studying and working in Perth for just over 12 months. Jerson is now in the advanced IELTS class at Lexis Perth….

When I first arrived in Lexis Perth I was placed in the pre-intermediate class. I realised pretty quickly at the start that my English wasn’t that great as I was talking to people and found it quite hard to understand what was going on. Since then I have improved so much. I studied for some time in General English and now have completed both the FCE and CAE courses. I am currently studying at an advanced IELTS level. Frankly, it has been an amazing journey! I’m really happy that my English has improved so much, if I compare my ability now to what it was like when I first arrived it’s like.. Wow!

I still have the same job which I got after being here for a month working as a carer in a nursing home. It’s a really good job, it’s well paid and I am able to manage my time as it’s really flexible. I was lucky and found the job very quickly through a friend of mine here. Very recently I applied for another job (and got it!) as a support worker assisting people living with disabilities. It is great fun as I get to take them to the supermarket and the movies and (more importantly) speak in English. It is absolutely essential that I speak English well in these jobs as everyone I am assisting is an English speaker. All in all, I’m very happy!

Thanks Jerson 🙂


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