Ljubica from Slovenia – Life at Lexis and Perth

Our wonderful CAE student Ljubica from Slovenia had a chat with me today and talked about her life in Perth. This is what she had to say…

“I have been here for exactly four months; it’s my four month anniversary today!  I’m here in Australia to study and to fulfil some of my dreams and life goals.  I am currently studying in the CAE class as I hope to gain a C1 level of English – in other words pass the CAE exam! I hope to do this as I would really like to be able to use English fluently and become as close to sounding like a native speaker as possible.

The reason I want to attain such a high standard of English is because I believe that having that ability in the language will open a lot of doors for me. My ultimate goal is to become a pre-school teacher in Australia, which obviously means that I have to be pretty awesome at the language!

I’m enjoying my time here at the school. I’ve made quite a few friends and have met lots of people from all over the world. The CAE class is excellent. Don, my teacher, is strict (I think we need that sometimesJ) but very knowledgeable and we are learning a lot. He is really good with giving us lots of tips and strategies on how to approach the exam. He gives us a lot of homework which he prepares for us every day and I think it is beneficial. The GIL sessions are helpful as they consolidate our days learning.



Since I’ve been here I have managed to get a job, and I got that job in the first four weeks of being here. I found this job through a friend which was great. I work both days of the weekend which suits me as it means that I can concentrate on my studies during the week.

I am living in a sharehouse here with a friend of mine and my partner who will also be studying at Lexis in a few weeks. I use public transport in Perth, which is cheap (the student card makes a real difference) and quite convenient.

All in all, life is good here; in fact I could use the word wonderful! I really hope that I can realise one of my life dreams and stay for a long time!”

Thanks for sharing Ljubica. Wish you all the very best 🙂 

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