Meet Lara from New Caledonia!

“My name is Lara, and I am from New Caledonia – it’s really close to Australia, so I know this way of life with the beach close to the school. In New Caledonia we can’t surf as there are no waves, instead we take boats out onto the reef. I’d like to go home and encourage more people to try surfing!

I have been studying here at Lexis for three weeks and have been in the upper-intermediate General English class in the mornings and in the afternoons, my options class was movies and songs with Josie, which was really interesting.

When I arrived in Byron Bay, it was a Sunday night and everyone was outside and wearing lots of bright colours, which I love. I have even seen some people just wear their bikini to the supermarket!

I really enjoyed my time studying at Lexis and I especially enjoyed meeting new people. I have met Spanish people, Swiss people and lots more Nationalities, but even if I was with French speaking people we would speak in English only because then everyone could understand.

My teachers were Katherine and Claudia and they were both really cool. I also loved my homestay, Barbara, she was just perfect!

I want to stay here in Byron Bay and I know I will come back one day.”




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