Mandala Colouring and Hot Chocolate: A Mindful Afternoon at Lexis Brisbane – 26th June 2024

This afternoon, Lexis Brisbane treated its students to an excellent stress-relief activity on a charming mindful afternoon. The activity “Mandala Colouring & Hot Chocolate,” was a hit among students, providing a warm and creative escape from their busy schedules.

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A Relaxing Afternoon of Colouring

As the students gathered in the cosy common area, the tables were adorned with intricate mandala colouring pages and a delightful array of colouring pencils and markers. Mandala colouring, a practice known for its calming and therapeutic effects, offers a perfect opportunity for students to unwind and let their creativity flow. The repetitive patterns and symmetry of mandalas help to focus the mind and reduce stress, making it an ideal activity for those needing a mental break.

The Comfort of Hot Chocolate

Adding to the comforting atmosphere was the steaming hot chocolate, served with a generous topping of marshmallows. The rich, creamy drink was a perfect companion to the colouring session, providing a warm and sweet treat to enjoy while engaging in the artistic endeavour. There’s something inherently comforting about holding a warm cup of hot chocolate, especially as the weather cools down in autumn. The students sipped their drinks, savouring each sip, and letting the warmth spread through them.

Building Friendships and Practising English

One of the most significant aspects of the event was the opportunity for students to connect and build friendships. As they coloured their mandalas and enjoyed their hot chocolate, conversations flowed naturally. The relaxed setting encouraged students to open up and share their experiences, both at Lexis and in their lives as international students in Australia. Students spoke about their classes, expressing how much they enjoyed their time at Lexis Brisbane and appreciated the supportive environment. Hearing these heartfelt conversations warmed our hearts and reminded us of the importance of creating a nurturing space for our students. They also shared stories about their home countries, cultural traditions, and the challenges and joys of living abroad. These exchanges not only helped students practise their English but also fostered a sense of community and understanding. It was a beautiful reminder of how our differences can bring us together and enrich our lives.

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The Benefits of Mandala Colouring

Engaging in mandala colouring has several benefits that contribute to mental well-being. The activity promotes mindfulness, allowing individuals to be present in the moment and focus on the task at hand. This can lead to a reduction in anxiety and an overall sense of calm. The creative process also stimulates the brain, encouraging problem-solving and fine motor skills development.

Moreover, the social aspect of colouring in a group setting adds another layer of benefit. Sharing a common activity helps break down social barriers and encourages interaction. This is especially important for international students, who might feel isolated or homesick. By participating in group activities like mandala colouring, students can forge new friendships and feel more connected to their community.

A Heartwarming Experience

The “Mandala Colouring & Hot Chocolate” event at Lexis Brisbane was more than just an afternoon activity; it was an experience that brought students together, helped them relax, and created lasting memories. The combination of a soothing creative activity and the comfort of hot chocolate made for a perfect autumn afternoon.

Events like these are vital in providing a holistic learning experience. They help students manage stress, improve their mental health, and build a strong sense of community. We look forward to hosting more activities that bring joy, relaxation, and connection to our students’ lives. Until then, we’ll cherish the memories of this delightful autumn afternoon at Lexis Brisbane.

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