Lexis Brisbane – Picnic and Games in The Botanic Gardens – 3.05.23


Food, Friends, and Fierce Competition

To end a busy last week, a big group of our Lexis Brisbane students enjoyed a delicious picnic in The Botanic Gardens. We couldn’t think of a better possible way to end a long week!

One of the most remarkable aspects of the picnic was the students’ decision to disconnect from their electronic devices. They recognized the importance of being fully present in the moment and engaging with their surroundings. Without distractions, conversations flowed effortlessly, laughter echoed through the gardens, and genuine connections were forged. The absence of screens allowed them to appreciate the beauty of nature and connect with each other on a deeper level.

No picnic is complete without delectable treats and shared culinary delights. Students brought an array of tasty snacks, ranging from chocolate to chips. The picnic turned into a gastronomic adventure, and the shared food fostered a sense of community and camaraderie. Who doesn’t love Tim-Tams?

One of our General-English students from Switzerland, Tom, also taught everyone how to play a poker-like traditional Swiss card game where players are either the “bosses” or the losers. There was a lot of laughter, lots of concentration, and of course, serious competition as everyone used strategy to try become the “boss”.

I think everyone at the picnic would agree that Tom’s card game was the highlight of the afternoon and it was so nice to see him enjoy teaching it to everyone. Apparently, there is a version of the game with even more rules, so everyone will definitely be needing Tom’s guidance when we play again!

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