Lexis Brisbane – New Starters – 02.04.2024

Welcome to Lexis English community Ahmad from Jordan, Juan, Tatiana, Veronica, and David from Columbia, Nene, Ami, Nanami, Ryoko, Moe, and Ryo from Japan, Ufuk from Turkey, Kristine and Maria from Chili, Margarit from Germany, and Chaemin from South Korea.  As you step into our classrooms from every corner of the world, you’re not just joining a language school; you’re becoming a part of the Lexis family.

New 2.4.24

Each one of you brings a unique story, a personal journey intertwined with the universal quest for English proficiency. Whether it’s for career advancement, academic pursuits, or simply the joy of mastering a new language, your reasons for being here are as diverse as the cultures you represent.

Yet, amidst these individual ambitions lies a shared purpose – the collective desire to connect, learn, and grow together. Within the walls of Lexis, friendships bloom effortlessly, bridging continents and transcending boundaries. Here, the exchange of ideas isn’t confined to textbooks; it’s a cultural feast where every interaction becomes an opportunity for mutual understanding and enrichment.

At Lexis, magic isn’t just a metaphor – it’s a daily occurrence. It’s in the laughter shared during breaks, the aha moments in class, and the bonds forged over shared challenges. It’s the palpable energy of a community coming alive with each new arrival, each bringing their own unique spark to the collective fire of learning and discovery.

Student Spotlight: Meet Nene!


Nene is here all the way from Japan!  She heard so many good things about Australia and Lexis, so she decided to come here to further her English Studies.  She has been studying English now for over a year, whilst teaching in a nursery school in Japan.  Her goal is to one day work as a teacher in Australia.  Teaching is her passion, so she has enrolled in a 3 month program here at Lexis.  After this, she hopes to work for a while and then study some more.

We are so excited to have you here Nene!

To all our new students, we extend the warmest of welcomes to you. Embrace this journey with open hearts and open minds, for within these walls, you’ll find not just English proficiency, but a world of possibilities waiting to unfold. We’re thrilled to have you here, and we can’t wait to witness the extraordinary things you’ll achieve at Lexis English.

Not Studying Yet? Would like to?

We have a lot of fun here at Lexis Brisbane and we would love to have you join us.

Check out our list of available courses and get a taste of what studying in Brisbane is like! Also, check out what’s on in Brisbane according to Urban List for some fun ideas and weekly entertainment!

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