Lexis Brisbane – Festive Paint and Sip! – 8.12.2023


On Friday our talented students indulged in a holiday-themed Festive Paint and Sip session, sparking their artistic talents and fostering a sense of community, creativity, relaxation and fun!


This event was one of a number of our Christmas-themed activities. Students created unique Christmas artworks using various paints and canvases whilst enjoying a festive glass of sparkling to help the creative juices flow.

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Dc63D409 F3E0 4655 9852 22Cb925C6D3EThe Paint and Sip session served as a well-deserved break after a week of study. It offered them a chance to unwind, recharge, and immerse themselves in an enjoyable creative activity whilst practising their English conversation skills. Armed with paintbrushes in one hand and glasses of champagne in the other, our students embraced the festive spirit with each sip and stroke. Some painted traditional Christmas images, whereas others drew inspiration from our beautiful Australian flora and fauna. Some were inspired by the cooler climates of the Northern Hemisphere, while others reflected the warmer summers of the South. Regardless of the approach, each stroke of the brush told a unique story, capturing the joy of the holiday season.

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What made this event truly special was how many participants gathered in the festive spirit. The student lounge was buzzing with creativity, conversation, laughter, and song. What better way to wrap up the week?!


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