Lexis Brisbane – A Creative Journey: Macrame Magic – 21.02.2024

Today at Lexis English Brisbane, we had the pleasure of diving into the world of macrame with the guidance of an experienced expert.  Irina, who hails from Russia, is not only a skilled macrame artist but also a dedicated student here at Lexis.  She led the charge in teaching the group of enthusiastic craft lovers the art of creating macrame key rings!

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The turnout for this activity was overwhelming, with students eager to try their hand at something new and challenge themselves creatively. Irina’s expertise shone through as she patiently guided us through each intricate step, emphasizing the importance of listening skills and following instructions – all while providing a perfect opportunity to practice English verbs and prepositions in a practical setting.


Equipped with an array of colourful macrame cords, key ring attachments, scissors, and tape to hold our creations in place, we embarked on our macrame journey. Some opted for understated elegance with plain colours such as white or cream, while others embraced the opportunity to inject a burst of teal or adorn their designs with wooden beads for extra flair.

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Irina teaching us the Macrame way!

Watching the intricate knots come together to form beautiful patterns was nothing short of mesmerizing. Each knot felt like unlocking a piece of a puzzle, with students enthusiastically embracing the challenge of perfecting their creations and redoing sections until they were just right.  The pattern that emerged was like diamonds joined together in a row.  It was spectacular!

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In addition to the delightful macrame key rings, we found ourselves with leftover materials after the activity. Ever resourceful and creative, some of our students decided to put these extras to good use by making friendship bracelets. It was heartening to witness their ingenuity as they transformed strands of rope into vibrant, multi-colored bracelets through intricate twists and ties. These crafty students not only showcased their skills but also demonstrated the versatility of the materials at hand. Whether worn as a fashionable accessory, gifted to a friend as a token of affection, or attached to backpacks to add a personalized touch, these handmade bracelets served as tangible expressions of creativity and camaraderie.

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At Lexis English, we believe in fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment among our students, encouraging them to explore their interests and talents beyond the confines of traditional language learning. Activities like the macrame workshop not only provide opportunities to practice English in a real-world context but also cultivate creativity, resilience, and interpersonal skills.

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We love to provide a holistic educational experience that extends beyond the classroom. Our diverse range of activities, from crafting and cooking to outdoor adventures and excursions, not only help students unwind but also provide invaluable opportunities to practice English in a relaxed, enjoyable environment.


The final product!

Img 20240221 Wa0026

Adding a touch of teal gives it something extra!

For our crafty participants, the satisfaction of walking away with a handmade keepsake was immeasurable – a tangible reminder of their dedication and hard work. The joy and sense of accomplishment were palpable as each student proudly admired their finished creations.

Img 20240221 Wa0025

Klara, Anais and Margaux showing off their creations

A heartfelt thank you to Irina for generously sharing her expertise and passion with us. We value the contributions of each member of our Lexis family and cherish the moments when our students take the lead in planning and executing activities. It’s these shared experiences that truly enrich our community and make Lexis English Brisbane a special place to learn and grow.

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