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Australia is ‘Fine’P2080195


  I’ve lived in Australia for about 6 months and Caloundra is my first City. So I have had several experiences as expected. First, I worked at a Crab factory, then a cherry farm and finally a restaurant.  I rented a flat  and everything was going well. I had to buy a car for my work because I had to go to Young, in New South Wales to work on the cherry farm. I bought it from a used car dealer and it has run well until now. After I arrived at the farm successfully it was time for me to earn money to pay for my English classes at GV Caloundra.

  One day, while I was working at the farm, I received a letter from the Queensland Government. I thought it was a prize from there. No such luck! It was a speeding fine. Oh, but not one fine,  there were 2 fines. So, I lost $200 because of speeding. J

  After that I returned to Caloundra and started studying. Things were going well, until one day when I received a letter from the New South Wales Government! OMG. Of course it was a speeding fine from Sydney where I had stopped just for one night.  It cost $250 for that one fine. It was unavoidable, because it was my fault (or my partner’s who drove my car with me). So, I lost my money again to the Australian Tax Office. J

  A few days later, I went to Brisbane to pick my friend up at the airport. So, wanting to do the right thing,  I parked my car and paid for the parking. However, I was late for just a minute and there was a ticket from the Brisbane City Council.  Luckily, it was cheaper than before. It was only $120. J

  That’s not the end. I have to pay another fine of $230 for my rental house because a coffee table was damaged by an anonymous person who lived there during the time I was working at the farm. I tried to explain this to the owner of my flat, but it didn’t work. It’s still my responsibility. J

  So, I’ve spent $900 in fines. It’s funny, isn’t it? I’ve spent a lot, but I think it has been a good lesson for me. I’ll never speed and never be late and never rent a house on my own! 


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