GV Workshop starts November 3rd!

GV Workshop is a great new innovation from GV Australia to maximise your employment opportunities.   The new course starts on November 3rd in Noosa, so sign up now!





What is it?  GV Workshop is a free afternoon program designed to teach students everything they need to know to find work in Australia. 

When is it?  Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 2pm – 3pm.  It runs for 4 weeks.

Who should sign up?  It will be very useful for students on Working Holiday or Student visas, but the skills it teaches are transferable to any English speaking work situation.

What exactly am I going to learn?  The course is designed as a workshop to teach the skills required to find work in Australia.  It’s a great mix of the academic writing skills required to read and write resumes, cover letter and job ads, the verbal skills to call and attend interviews and the cultural skills required for working in Australia.   It’s very practical, too!  Every student will walk away with resumes, cover letters, telephone scripts and lots of interview practice.

How do I sign up?  There’ll be a sign-up sheet on the noticeboard shortly.

Is this going to cost me anything?  Nope, it’s completely free for our students.  See you there!

Any further questions?  Ask Becky or Nina!

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