Noosa – Fun Tennis by the Noosa River – 13th October

Lexis students and tennis – A perfect match on the Noosa River!

Lexis Noosa provides international students with a distinctive blend of English language education and enriching experiences. Among these experiences, the opportunity for Lexis Noosa students to hire the tennis court along the picturesque Noosa River stands out as a favorite.


The tennis courts adjacent to the Noosa River are a true hidden gem within the vibrant Noosa landscape. These well-maintained courts offer students a pristine environment to indulge in their love for tennis. With the serene Noosa River as a backdrop, Lexis Noosa students find these courts to be the perfect place to practice, play, and connect with their fellow students.

Hiring the Noosa River tennis courts is more than just about playing tennis; it symbolizes the strong sense of community that Lexis Noosa cultivates. Students from all walks of life, with varying nationalities and language skills, converge on these courts. Here, tennis becomes the universal language that bridges differences, resulting in friendships that extend beyond the tennis court.

The Noosa River tennis courts cater to a diverse audience. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned tennis player, these courts are an inclusive and welcoming environment. Lexis Noosa actively promotes the idea that tennis is a sport for everyone, ensuring that beginners can learn and experienced players can shine.

At Lexis Noosa, the focus is not only on mastering tennis but also on language acquisition. Engaging in tennis matches presents students with opportunities to practice their English. Conversations about court strategies, post-match celebrations, and consoling each other after a game provide dynamic language-learning experiences. The tennis court thus becomes an extension of the classroom, where students acquire language skills in a fun and engaging way.

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Students hiring tennis courts by the Noosa River is a great example of the well-rounded experience the school offers. It goes beyond just learning languages and shows how important it is to make friends, be inclusive, and enjoy the beauty of Noosa. These tennis courts are where students come together, play tennis, and leave with better skills and great memories from their time at Lexis Noosa. It’s a special place where tennis and language learning come together in a beautiful setting, making it a unique and enriching experience for everyone who plays there.

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