Noosa – The Beginning of a Joyful Journey – 16th October

A Journey Begins: 11 Students Embark on Their Lexis English Adventure in Noosa

Noosa, with its pristine beaches, lush national parks, and vibrant culture, has long been a sought-after destination for language learners from around the world. It’s in this beautiful part of Australia, that eleven (11) students have embarked on an exciting journey at Lexis English, a renowned language school known for its immersive language programs. With diverse backgrounds and unique goals, these students have come to Noosa to learn English and immerse themselves in the local culture. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to these eleven (11) students and share their aspirations for their Lexis English experience.

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Meet Karin from Switzerland:
Karin travelled the world with her family in 2019, where they all fell inlove with the beautiful little town of Noosa. 4 years later, they are back and now living here. Whilst Karin is studying English for 17 weeks, her two (2) kids are attending a local school and her husband is working. They hope to spend the rest of their lives here one day.

Say hello to Burak and Nujen from Turkey:
Burak and Karin are a couple from Turkey. Nujen was previously studying at Lexis in Brisbane, however decided it was time for a change and Burak’s brother lives in Noosa so the decision was easy! Burak wants to meet like-minded people whilst in Australia and believes it is the best country for multi-cultures and social activities. He hopes in 6 months’ time he will speak great English and will return home with a new language.

Greetings from Misaki from Japan:
Misaki, a designer from Japan, will study at Lexis Noosa for 17 weeks. She hopes to meet new friends and create amazing memories in Australia.

Welcome Lola from Spain:
Lola loves the mountains, the sea and watching sunsets from the beach. She has previously volunteered in refuge camps and because of this, Lola decided to become a nurse as she wanted to help others and make a difference in lives. Lola is a beautiful, friendly, happy and fun girl and we are stoked to have her apart of our Lexis family.

Meet Soma from Japan:
Soma, a medicinal student from Japan, hopes to improve his English to pursue a master’s degree in genecology. His goal is to blend his passion for medicine with English proficiency, and he’s excited about the creative opportunities ahead. He also loves math’s and completing puzzles, and in his free time Soma enjoys going for walks and taking photos of flowers and these make him feel happy.

Say hello to Taiga from Japan:
Taiga, a freelance painter from Japan, enjoys boxing, kick boxing, basketball and surfing. He came to Australia to experience the beautiful oceans and culture and can’t wait to meet new people. We look forward to having him with us for 8 eight (8) weeks.

Greetings from Risa from Japan:
Risa lives in Tokyo and has a beautiful dog named Leo. She enjoys lots of sports like tennis, swimming and going for walks. Risa is currently studying International Social Science at University and specializes in organizational behaviour management. She is travelling Australia to make the most of her last year as a student before she starts her career. She believes this will be good for her soul and is excited to gain confidence.

Welcome Itsuki from Japan:
Itsuki loves watching sports, especially soccer and this is why he came to Australia as he would love to watch a game here. He will be studying at Lexis English for 12 weeks and we can’t wait to see his English improve.

These ten students come from different corners of the world, each with unique aspirations and dreams, but they all share one common goal: to improve their English language skills at Lexis English in Noosa. While their journeys may vary, they are united by a sense of adventure, curiosity, and a desire to broaden their horizons. As they embark on this exciting chapter in their lives, Noosa will not only be the backdrop for their language learning but also the stage where lifelong friendships are formed and dreams are realized. Stay tuned to follow their Lexis English adventure and witness the growth and transformation that comes with learning a new language in a beautiful, diverse, and welcoming environment.

From the team at Lexis Noosa, we wish all these students the very best for their first week here!

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