Cambridge Entry Testing This Friday

Don’t forget to sign up on the notice board if you want to enrol for the next round of Cambridge courses. The  entry tests are this Friday.

The Course runs from March 23rd to June 12th. They are closed classes which means that you need to enrol for the entire course and be registered for the exams. Places are very limited for FCE and CAE.

Cambridge Proficiency Exam          Highest level

Class 1 with Wendy Ward and Kimm Woodford

Cambridge Advanced Exam       For Upper Intermediate + students

Class 1 with Geraldine Pettit and Louise Ryan

Class 2 with Rachel Barus

First Certificate Exam           For Intermediate + students

Class 1 with Alisa Gregory

Class 2 with Dionne O’Dwyer and Louise Ryan

Business English Certificate Vantage       For Intermediate  students

Class 1 with Mike Mooney

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