Byron Bay – Welcome to the Weekend – 12 November 2020

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Mullumbimby Farmers’ Market (Mullumbimby Showgrounds) – every Friday (7am – 11am)

Bangalow Farmers Market (Bangalow Hotel Carpark, 1 Byron St, Bangalow) – every Saturday (8am – 11am)



Gig Guide





BFF20 A Christmas Gift from Bob (PG)

THU 12TH NOV 7:30pm
TUE 17TH NOV 5:00pm


BFF20 The Nest (MA15+)

WED 18TH NOV 2:00pm


BFF20 Then Came You (M)

WED 18TH NOV 11:30am


Baby Done (M)

THU 12TH NOV 2:50pm
FRI 13TH NOV 2:50pm
SAT 14TH NOV 2:50pm
SUN 15TH NOV 2:50pm
MON 16TH NOV 2:50pm
TUE 17TH NOV 2:50pm
WED 18TH NOV 2:50pm


Brazen Hussies (M)

FRI 13TH NOV 12:45pm
SAT 14TH NOV 12:45pm
SUN 15TH NOV 12:45pm
MON 16TH NOV 12:45pm
TUE 17TH NOV 12:45pm
WED 18TH NOV 12:45pm


Corpus Christi (MA15+)

THU 12TH NOV 2:00pm4:30pm7:00pm
FRI 13TH NOV 11:40am2:00pm4:30pm7:00pm
SAT 14TH NOV 11:40am2:00pm4:30pm7:00pm
SUN 15TH NOV 11:40am2:00pm4:30pm7:00pm
MON 16TH NOV 11:40am2:00pm4:30pm7:00pm
TUE 17TH NOV 11:40am2:00pm4:30pm7:00pm
WED 18TH NOV 11:40am2:00pm4:30pm7:00pm


Freaky (MA15+)

THU 12TH NOV 2:45pm5:00pm7:30pm
FRI 13TH NOV 2:45pm5:00pm7:30pm
SAT 14TH NOV 2:45pm5:00pm7:30pm
SUN 15TH NOV 2:45pm5:00pm7:30pm
MON 16TH NOV 2:45pm5:00pm7:30pm
TUE 17TH NOV 2:45pm5:00pm7:30pm
WED 18TH NOV 2:45pm5:00pm7:30pm


Honest Thief (M)

THU 12TH NOV 4:30pm
FRI 13TH NOV 4:30pm
SAT 14TH NOV 4:30pm6:45pm
SUN 15TH NOV 4:30pm
MON 16TH NOV 4:30pm6:45pm
TUE 17TH NOV 4:30pm6:45pm
WED 18TH NOV 4:30pm6:45pm


On the Rocks (M)

THU 12TH NOV 4:30pm
FRI 13TH NOV 12:00pm4:30pm7:10pm
SAT 14TH NOV 12:00pm4:30pm7:10pm
SUN 15TH NOV 12:00pm4:30pm7:10pm
MON 16TH NOV 12:00pm4:30pm
TUE 17TH NOV 12:00pm4:30pm7:10pm
WED 18TH NOV 12:00pm4:30pm7:10pm


Radioactive (M)

THU 12TH NOV 2:10pm6:45pm
FRI 13TH NOV 12:15pm2:10pm6:45pm
SAT 14TH NOV 12:15pm2:10pm6:45pm
SUN 15TH NOV 12:15pm2:10pm6:45pm
MON 16TH NOV 12:15pm2:10pm6:45pm
TUE 17TH NOV 12:15pm2:10pm6:45pm
WED 18TH NOV 12:15pm2:10pm6:45pm


Rams (PG)

THU 12TH NOV 1:50pm4:10pm7:10pm
FRI 13TH NOV 11:50am1:50pm4:10pm7:10pm
SAT 14TH NOV 11:50am1:50pm4:10pm7:10pm
SUN 15TH NOV 11:50am1:50pm4:10pm7:10pm
MON 16TH NOV 11:50am1:50pm4:10pm7:10pm
TUE 17TH NOV 11:50am1:50pm4:10pm7:10pm
WED 18TH NOV 11:50am1:50pm4:10pm7:10pm


The Comeback Trail (M)

THU 12TH NOV 2:30pm4:45pm7:15pm
FRI 13TH NOV 12:15pm2:30pm4:45pm7:15pm
SAT 14TH NOV 12:15pm2:30pm4:45pm7:15pm
SUN 15TH NOV 12:15pm2:30pm4:45pm7:15pm
MON 16TH NOV 12:15pm2:30pm4:45pm7:15pm
TUE 17TH NOV 12:15pm2:30pm4:45pm7:15pm
WED 18TH NOV 12:15pm2:30pm4:45pm7:15pm


The Craft: Legacy (M)

THU 12TH NOV 5:00pm
FRI 13TH NOV 5:00pm
SAT 14TH NOV 5:00pm
SUN 15TH NOV 5:00pm
MON 16TH NOV 5:00pm
TUE 17TH NOV 5:00pm
WED 18TH NOV 5:00pm


The Empty Man (MA15+)

THU 12TH NOV 2:00pm
FRI 13TH NOV 2:00pm
SUN 15TH NOV 2:00pm
MON 16TH NOV 2:00pm
TUE 17TH NOV 2:00pm
WED 18TH NOV 2:00pm


The Mystery of Henri Pick (M)

THU 12TH NOV 2:15pm
FRI 13TH NOV 2:15pm
SAT 14TH NOV 2:15pm
SUN 15TH NOV 2:15pm
MON 16TH NOV 2:15pm
TUE 17TH NOV 2:15pm
WED 18TH NOV 2:15pm

The Secret Garden (PG)

THU 12TH NOV 5:00pm
FRI 13TH NOV 11:45am5:00pm
SAT 14TH NOV 10:00am11:45am5:00pm
SUN 15TH NOV 11:45am5:00pm
MON 16TH NOV 11:45am5:00pm
TUE 17TH NOV 11:45am5:00pm
WED 18TH NOV 11:45am5:00pm


Trolls World Tour (G)

FRI 13TH NOV11:50am
SAT 14TH NOV10:00am11:50am
SUN 15TH NOV11:50am
MON 16TH NOV11:50am
TUE 17TH NOV11:50am
WED 18TH NOV11:50am

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