Byron Bay – The Weekend in Byron – 21 January 21


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Mullum Farmers Market

Mullumbimby Farmers’ Market

Friday 22 January 2021

Repeats every week every Friday

The Mullumbimby Farmers’ Market is held every Friday, no matter the weather, from 7am until 11am. They are located at the Mullumbimby Showgrounds… More Info

Bangalow Farmers Market

Bangalow Farmers Market

Saturday 23 January 2021

Repeats every week every Saturday

After the Byron Bay Farmers’ Market became very popular within the local community, the Byron Farmers’ Market Association decided to initiate… More Info

Byron Twilight Market

Byron Twilight Market

Saturday 23 January 2021

Repeats every week every Saturday

The Byron Twilight Market takes place every Saturday, 4pm – 9pm from 29 August 2020 – 24 April 2021 at Railway Park, Byron Bay.

… More Info

Bangalow Markets 2

Bangalow Markets

Sunday 24 January 2021

Repeats every month on the fourth Sunday

Set below the shade of the camphor laurel and fig trees, the Bangalow markets are some of the best on the North Coast. Bangalow is a small,… More Info

Gig Guide

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Ammonite (MA15+)

FRI 22ND JAN 2:00pm4:45pm

SAT 23RD JAN 2:00pm4:45pm

SUN 24TH JAN 2:00pm4:45pm


Dawn Raid (M)

FRI 22ND JAN 2:00pm7:15pm

SAT 23RD JAN 2:00pm7:15pm

SUN 24TH JAN 2:00pm7:15pm


Dragon Rider (PG)

FRI 22ND JAN 1:45pm

SAT 23RD JAN 1:45pm

SUN 24TH JAN 1:45pm


Maya the Bee: The Golden Orb (G)

FRI 22ND JAN 11:50am

SAT 23RD JAN 11:50am

SUN 24TH JAN 11:50am


Music (M)

FRI 22ND JAN 11:45am

SAT 23RD JAN 11:45am

SUN 24TH JAN 11:45am


My Salinger Year (M)

FRI 22ND JAN 2:30pm4:00pm7:00pm

SAT 23RD JAN 2:30pm4:00pm7:00pm

SUN 24TH JAN 2:30pm4:00pm7:00pm


Penguin Bloom (PG)

FRI 22ND JAN 11:30am2:20pm3:50pm6:30pm7:30pm

SAT 23RD JAN 11:30am2:20pm3:50pm6:30pm7:30pm

SUN 24TH JAN 11:30am2:20pm3:50pm6:30pm7:30pm


Promising Young Woman (MA15+)

FRI 22ND JAN 12:00pm2:15pm4:40pm7:00pm

SAT 23RD JAN 12:00pm2:15pm4:40pm7:00pm

SUN 24TH JAN 12:00pm2:15pm4:40pm7:00pm


Summerland (PG)

FRI 22ND JAN 11:40am4:45pm

SAT 23RD JAN 11:40am4:45pm

SUN 24TH JAN 11:40am4:45pm


The Croods 2: A New Age (PG)

FRI 22ND JAN 11:45am1:40pm3:50pm

SAT 23RD JAN 11:45am1:40pm3:50pm

SUN 24TH JAN 11:45am1:40pm3:50pm


The Dry (MA15+)

FRI 22ND JAN 11:50am2:00pm4:30pm6:15pm7:15pm

SAT 23RD JAN 11:50am2:00pm4:30pm6:15pm7:15pm

SUN 24TH JAN 11:50am2:00pm4:30pm6:15pm7:15pm


The Marksman (M)

FRI 22ND JAN 11:50am4:15pm6:45pm

SAT 23RD JAN 11:50am4:15pm6:45pm

SUN 24TH JAN 11:50am4:15pm6:45pm


The War With Grandpa (PG)

FRI 22ND JAN 1:50pm

SAT 23RD JAN 1:50pm

SUN 24TH JAN 1:50pm


The Witches (M)

FRI 22ND JAN 11:40am

SAT 23RD JAN 11:40am

SUN 24TH JAN 11:40am


Wonder Woman 1984 (M)

FRI 22ND JAN 4:30pm6:00pm

SAT 23RD JAN 4:30pm6:00pm

SUN 24TH JAN 4:30pm6:00pm


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