Byron Bay – Phrasal Verbs with Come – 26 August 20

In our third blog on common phrasal verbs and their meanings, we’re looking at those beginning with COME. Have a look at the questions below, first.


Phrasal Verb Come


Can you complete these sentences? Use the table below to help you.


about – across – along – along – back – by – down – out – out – out – over – with – with – with


  1. He came _______ with the flu.
  2. He comes _______ as rather rude, but he isn’t.
  3. How are you coming _______ _______ the research paper?
  4. How did your idea for the book come _______?
  5. I didn’t see the car at first. It came _______ of nowhere.
  6. I’ll come _______ later this afternoon.
  7. Microsoft is coming _______ _______ a new video game system next month.
  8. Sam came _______ with us to the beach.
  9. The computer system doesn’t come _______ a printer.
  10. The pictures came _______
  11. What time are you coming _______ ?
  12. Why don’t you come _______ after work for dinner?


If you’re still not sure, you can check the answers here:


Now add an example sentence. Remember, if you make the example personal you won’t forget it.


Phrasal Verb              MeaningExample Sentence
come aboutoccur / happen
come across somethingdiscover by accident
come across angry, sad etc.initially seem or have the appearance of being happy, sad etc. or like someone else
come alongaccompany someone
come along with someoneaccompany
come alongprogress
come along with somethingprogress
come awayleave a place with a particular feeling or impression
come backreturn
come by somethingget, receive, find
come byvisit a person at their house
come down with somethingbecome sick with
come into somethinginherit
come off somethingfall off, break off
come outappear
come outreveal you are homosexual
come outturn out, end up
come out with somethingproduce and distribute a product
come overvisit someone at their house
come to / roundregain consciousness
come throughdo what is needed or expected
come up to a standardapproach; to equal
come up with a plan etc.produce or create (an idea, a plan)
come with an accessoryinclude (an accessory)


Ready to practise?


Or go to and enter the code: 0831924

Here you will find multiple choice question where you need to choose the correct phrasal verb to finish the sentence. You’ll be competing against other players this month. This round ends on 26 September 2020.





Here you will find flashcards where you can STUDY the phrasal verbs and their definitions and then PLAY a matching game where you try to match the phrasal verbs/definitions in the fastest time.


Quizlet Come 1


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