Byron Bay – A warm welcome to our new students – 4 September 2023

We are thrilled to welcome 20 new students from Korea, Mexico, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Japan and Czech Republic!


A Warm Welcome To Our New Students A Warm Welcome To Our New Students


Somin joins us from Korea. Somin was feeling tired of her university routine, so she decided to join us in Byron Bay and study English. Somin will be studying with us for 6-months and then return to complete her university degree.


Yeji also joins us from Korea. Yeji wants to become a flight attendant, so she needs a good level of English. She is going to study very hard, attend lots of our after-class activities and learn to surf!


Jiwoo also joins us from Korea. Jiwoo has already fallen in love with Byron Bay. She loves watching the sunset at Main Beach and the people in Byron. At Lexis, she wants to focus on improving her English speaking.


Claudia joins us from Mexico. Claudia is living in Byron with her girlfriend who encouraged her to study English at Lexis. Claudia also hopes to find a customer-facing job in Byron to help accelerate her learning and interact with different people.


Maira joins us from Belgium. Maira wants to discover the world, learn about new cultures and learn from others. Her English goal is to improve her speaking skills. She would like to reach fluency so that she can work professionally in English.


Mathieu joins us from France. Mathieu is a travel enthusiast, and this is his first time in Australia. He is excited to be living in a sunny destination with a beach and is eager to try surfing.


Manon joins us from the French part of Switzerland.  Manon is happy to take a break from her life in Switzerland. She chose Byron Bay for surfing and because it is a small town. She hopes to meet new people from around the world and improve her English.


Lena also joins us from the French part of Switzerland. Lena is looking forward to learning more about Australia, its culture, history and people. She hopes to expand her vocabulary and integrate Aussie words and slang.


Chloe also joins us from the French part of Switzerland. Chloe is here to learn English and have new experiences and share them with her new school friends. After Australia, Chloe will travel to Japan and then Spain before returning home.


Emilia also joins us from the French part of Switzerland. Emilia has come to Australia to learn English because it is important for her life plans. She is also here to experience a new way of life, meet new people and see new environments. Her dream is to speak English better than she speaks French!


Yannic joins us from the German part of Switzerland. Yannic has dreamt of living in Australia since he was a child and is impressed by the lovely people and beautiful nature. After his studies, Yannic will travel to New Zealand and Hawaii with his girlfriend.


Lea also joins us from the German part of Switzerland. Lea always dreamed of travelling to Australia and is so excited that her dream is now reality. While in Byron, she plans to surf and hopes to meet interesting people from different cultures.


Semira also joins us from the German part of Switzerland. Semira chose to study English in Australia because of the relaxed lifestyle, nice climate and you can concurrently learn to surf! After graduating, Semira plans to travel Australia and New Zealand.


Michelle joins us from the German part of Switzerland. Michelle has plans to travel the world and wants to learn English for this reason. She is also excited to learn to surf and experience the Aussie culture and way of life.


Mao joins us from Japan. This is Mao’s second time studying abroad. Mao wants to learn English so that she can live all over the world. She also wants to master Spanish and study that in either Chile or Columbia. Mao loves the ocean and will learn to surf while in Byron.


Ayako also joins us from Japan. This is Ayako’s second time in Australia. On her last trip to Australia, she lived on the Gold Coast and worked at a surf school. She wants to use English professionally and work in Australia again.


Ai also joins us from Japan. Ai wants to learn English so that she can understand how people feel in the English-speaking world. She thinks it is very different from how Japanese people feel. She wants to make friends from around the world and try surfing!


Ryota also joins us from Japan. Ryota is starting his English journey at Lexis and hopes to see significant improvement over the course. He enjoys playing sports and would like to try surfing while in Byron Bay.


Vit and Blanka are from Prague, Czech Republic. They transferred to Byron Bay from our Noosa campus. They are excited to explore Byron, meet new people and improve their English over the next 3-weeks.


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