Amazing Race Around Noosa Junction

The GV Students were a little tired from the after dark GV launch the night before yet managed to gather their reserve energy to race around Noosa Junction.


Firstly students were asked to team up and create a name for their team. The creativity was flowing that day with teams announcing names such as ‘Brazil’, ‘Asia’ and ‘Winners’. Teams had to complete two activities at GV Noosa in order to begin the race. First stop in the race was Coles to mark down codes of various items, then Sportfirst to find out the price of the official FIFA 2010 soccer ball, Tribal Travel for an internet search, Video Ezy for movie release dates, The J to ask about shows then a race back to GV Noosa for 1st place.  The race was very close but Brazil took out 1st place and won a $50 bar tab at Koala Bar, a pizza at Irish Murphys and a packet of Aussie Tim Tam’s which were quickly devoured by the team after a race which felt like a lifetime.

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