Byron Bay – Intermediate Class Writing Task – 21 January 2021

 Especially these days, it’s wonderful to hear some good news! Our Intermediate class did a writing task (informal email) to tell a friend about some great news they’d had recently. Here are some extracts:

Stephane E1611186203898


‘On Wednesday I had a job interview with Kitchen Extreme, the company in New Zealand that I interviewed you about. Then, I had to do a trial with the head chef. You’ll never believe this but they’re really interested in me! The project is very attractive because they want me to cook for the first minister. And what’s really fantastic is that they also want me to cook for his family! … They’ve offered me a good salary as well as travel expenses and accommodation. But the most incredible thing is that I’m going to explore New Zealand!’



Junior E1611186147626


‘Three months ago I moved to Byron Bay to train with the World Jujitsu Champion … But the most fantastic thing is that I’m living a dream. Here, I have big opportunities and I’m going to fight the World Champion next year. I’m really confident about winning.’



Elena2 E1611186324872


‘I’ve got a new job and, you’ll never believe this, it’s something really special! … and what’s really exciting is that the company has got a training room which we can use for exercising or dancing during our breaks … I’m looking forward to beginning my job and meeting with my new team! It’ll be fantastic!’



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