Byron Bay- Welcome wonderful new students!- 25 March 2024

We are thrilled to welcome 7 new students from Mexico, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Chile and Spain!


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Mariana joins us from Portugal! She loves to spend time with her nephew, and in nature, exploring trails and swimming in the ocean. She has already lived in Australia for two years but returned to Portugal to meet her nephew. She is now back to improve her English and gain some new experiences. Welcome Mariana!

Alexandra joins us from Belgium! She loves being creative, particularly in painting, sculpting and tattoo designing. She recently graduated university as a graphic designer and has come to study English in Australia to benefit her career moving into the future. she is excited for new opportunities and to meet new people. Welcome Alexandra!

Adrian joins us from Switzerland! He loves to spend time with his family, hike, snowboard, and watch films/read books. He has come here as part of his teaching work back in Switzerland. He is here to further improve his English skills as well as experience a brand-new country and culture with his family. Welcome Adrian!

Amili joins us from Chile! She also recently finished an international business degree which is why she needs to improve her English. she would also like to be able to communicate with people from all over the world throughout her travels. She chose to study in Australia because of the beautiful nature and the great surf. Welcome Amili!

Felipe also joins us from Chile! He likes to spend time with his friends and family, party, take care of his garden and play music. He chose to study in Australia due to English being the native language, as well as the great agricultural career opportunities. He is excited to travel the world and enjoy a new culture. Welcome Felipe!

Andrea joins us from Mexico! She loves to go to parties, watch comedy movies, read, and run! Whilst she is here, she would like to improve her English skills and learn how to surf. She chose Australia also because of the beautiful nature and based off her previous travels, she knew she would like it here. Welcome Andrea!

Kattalin joins us from Spain! She loves to hike and spend time in the mountains, she also loves to paint. She would like to eventually study something art related. She chose to study in Australia because she loves the beaches, friendly people, and the warm weather. After her English studies she is hoping to travel around Australia. Welcome Kattalin!


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