Sydney – Student excursions: Captivating Vivid Excursion – 28 May 2024

Exploring Sydney: Captivating excursion to Vivid for our students at Lexis Manly!

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Our evening students got to experience the beauty of Vivid altogether!

Recently our students got to experience the captivating Vivid light show which is held in the city of Sydney every year. Our students had a blast, and it was an incredible cultural experience to witness the spectacular celebration of light, music, and culture. As we reminisce about the dazzling displays and creative installations, let’s take a moment to reflect on our students unforgettable excursion.22Cacbab D159 4233 95C6 F2Dbc7188Aa0 E1716888195713

🏙️ The Magic of Vivid: 

Vivid Sydney is renowned for its breathtaking light installations and projections that transform the city into a vibrant, illuminated wonderland every year. Walking through the city, our students saw iconic landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge come alive with brilliant colours and intricate patterns. These displays are not just about aesthetics; they represent the fusion of art and technology, showcasing how creative minds use advanced techniques to bring their visions to life.

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🛳️ Vivid Cruise Excursion:

For some of our students, they got to experience the Vivid light show from a night cruise that sailed through the Sydney Harbour! It was truly a magical experience for our students to see the panoramic views of the city’s iconic landmarks illuminated in vibrant colours. From the deck of the cruise, our students had a unique vantage point to admire the stunning projections on the Sydney Opera House and the dynamic light displays on the Harbour Bridge. This enchanting experience not only provided a relaxing and awe-inspiring end to the academic week but also deepened their appreciation for the innovative artistry that transforms the city each year.Whatsapp Image 2024 05 28 At 5.58.17 Pm 2 E1716885533385

🤝 Cultural Appreciation: 

Vivid Sydney is also a celebration of culture and diversity. The festival includes performances, music, and ideas from a range of cultural backgrounds and in particular the installations this year were focused on Indigenous Australian stories. This cultural element enriches the experience and reminds us of the value of embracing different perspectives and cultures. Our students were opened to the diverse influences of art and were able to appreciate the differing cultures depicted and in turn enhance their own worldviews. Whatsapp Image 2024 05 28 At 5.58.17 Pm 3 E1716886305125Whatsapp Image 2024 05 28 At 5.58.17 Pm 4 E1716886483345


Thank you to our curious students and great teachers who made our excursions so special!


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