Sydney – Celebrating our incredible graduates – 21 June 2024

Congratulations to our amazing graduates at Lexis Manly!

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Our Lexis Manly family celebrating our graduates!

Today we celebrated the hard work and dedication of 13 graduates at Lexis Manly. It was a beautiful, sunny morning with Manly Beach as a perfect backdrop for our graduation ceremony. Graduation day isn’t just about receiving a certificate; it’s about acknowledging the trials, triumphs, and memories that have shaped each student’s experience. We took a moment to listen to their stories, their hopes for the future, and the cherished moments they held dear during their time at Lexis Manly.

Throughout their academic journey, these students have not only embraced the challenges of education but have also thrived in the rich tapestry of cultural experiences that our Lexis community offers. We are so proud of everyone that graduated today, your achievements and hard work have not gone unnoticed. We know bright futures are waiting for all of them. Well done and we hope you enjoyed your time at Lexis Manly!

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Melissa and Andreas with their teacher Carolina.

Melissa and Andreas are graduating from our Advanced class. Both of these students were very active participants in our activities at Lexis. They especially loved our cocktail class, art activities and walks. Melissa was at Lexis Manly for 24 weeks and has made some awesome progress during her time here. She started in Intermediate and is now graduating with an Advanced level of English. Melissa now plans to stay in Sydney for another 2 years and she will be studying a course in Marketing – Best of luck Melissa!

Andreas was at Lexis Manly for only 4 weeks but made a positive impression on all of us. Andreas really got involved with our activities and loved meeting so many new international friends. Andreas also got the chance to learn to surf and made the most of our beachside location. He did an amazing speech at his graduation expressing his gratitude for his time here and especially thanking our Academic Manager, Pricila for letting him borrow her surfboard. Andreas is now going to stay in Australia and do an internship as a high school teacher. Well done to both of you!

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Rie with her teacher Geovane.

Rie was at Lexis Manly for 12 weeks, and was such a ball of energy! Rie always had a smile on her face and had a great sense of humour. Rie was a popular student and made a lot of good friends during her time here. But now, a new adventure for Rie – she has now planned to spend the next 12 weeks at our Lexis Noosa campus to experience more of Australia, live in a new city and continue her English language journey. Best of luck for your time in Noosa, Rie!

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Raimu & Jessie (Shih-Ching) with their teachers over their time here, Nathalia, Geovane & Leticia.

Jessie (Shih-Ching) was at Lexis Manly for 20 weeks and graduating from our Intermediate class. Jessie was an incredibly dedicated student who participated in our workshops everyday – her favourites being our new Australian Studies program as well as our Study Help workshop! All of our teachers and staff knew of her as we could always count on her to be involved in activities, and attending workshops to improve her English skills. Jessie will now stay in Sydney a little bit longer and she would love to travel to all of the countries of the friends she has met during her time here. We will miss seeing her around the campus and wish her best of luck for her future!

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All of our graduates celebrating their achievements together!

Our graduates all joined their new friends and classmates after graduation to celebrate each others achievements! It shows how close our students have become during their time here at Lexis Manly and it’s so heartwarming to see the new friendships formed. They all enjoyed some quality time together with some snacks and drinks to finish off their week and to congratulate their friends that have completed their time at our campus.

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Congratulations to our Lexis Manly graduates: Yuji, Raimu, Jessie (Shih-Ching) Maeva, Jascha, Andreas, Melissa and Rie!

Our congratulations to:

  • IELTS Preparation – Caterina Micaela Natalino Ratto
  • Advanced – Melissa Karlidag, Andreas Braziulis, Marta Andrea Montenegro Sanchez, Juan Nicolas Mikolajuk
  • Upper Intermediate – Jascha Graepel, Maeva Urfer, Laura Brand
  • Intermediate – Akane Iwasaki, Shih-Ching Wang, Yuji Narushima
  • Pre-Intermediate – Rie Oshima, Raimu Kumada


All the best to our graduates from Lexis Manly!


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