Sydney – Celebrating our awesome graduates! – 28 March 2024

A big congratulations to all our graduates from last week!

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Our General English graduates: Janis, Celine, Gen, Michael, Melisa, Alyssia, Shuichi, Masaru, Szilvia, Yukiko, Lauren, Lorenzo, Monique & Soetsu!

Last week, we bid a heartfelt farewell to 26 remarkable graduates from Lexis Manly. We not only congratulated our General English students but also our 12, Teenage Activity Program students who at very young ages, have bravely travelled across the world to learn English at our wonderful campus. As we gathered to commemorate our graduates, we celebrated not only the academic milestones they have reached, but also the amazing experiences and achievements they have accomplished throughout their time at Lexis Manly.

Throughout their academic journey, these students have not only embraced the challenges of education but have also thrived in the rich tapestry of cultural experiences that our Lexis community offers. The dedication our students have shown in learning a new language is truly inspiring, and we are proud of all their hard work. To our graduates, we extend our sincere best wishes. Well done and we hope you enjoyed your time at Lexis Manly!

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Our awesome TAP students: Kota, Ema, Yu, Itsuki, Eitaro, Mana, Nanami, Kasuma, Reika, Aoi, Miyabi and Yuna!

Our 12, courageous students from our Teenage Activity Program (TAP) also graduated from Lexis Manly last week after completing 1-2 weeks of their fun program! Our TAP students have truly impressed us all, with their determination to learn a new language and curiosity to explore the city of Sydney. Navigating a new country, language, and educational system is no small feat for anyone, but especially at the young ages of 12-17 years old. Congratulations to our Teenage Activity Program and we hope to see you again at Lexis Manly! Read more about their wonderful adventures during their time at Lexis Manly on our Lexis Sydney Blog.

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All the best to our graduates from Lexis Manly!


Our congratulations to:

General English graduates:

  • Advanced – Lauren Challancin, Lorenzo Menghi Niccolini
  • Upper Intermediate – Melisa Paola Leiva Barrios, Gen Takano
  • Intermediate – Celine Fischer, Monique Hauchard, Soetsu Tani, Janis Koller, Yukiko Kobayashi
  • Pre-Intermediate – Shuichi Harada, Michael Cathomas
  • Elementary – Masaru Miura, Alyssia Benady, Szilvia Ramhap, Maria Marta Vilela, Facundo Nicolas Perez

Teenage Activity Program graduates:

  • Intermediate – Eitaro Komoto
  • Pre-Intermediate – Mana Matsuura, Kasumi Nakamura, Yuna Ogane
  • Elementary – Ema Baba, Yu Shirakawa, Itsuki Hirata, Nanami Ito, Reika Kogane, Miyabi Nakajima, Kota Yamazawa, Aoi Yoshioka


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