Sydney – Awesome cooking class! – 10 May 2024

 Mastering culinary skills: Lexis Manly’s cooking adventure!

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Our students Jascha, Kohei and Raimu showing their awesome bliss balls!

At Lexis Manly, we believe in providing our students with unique and enriching experiences that extend beyond the classroom. Recently our students elevated their culinary skills with a cooking class. Take a look at their bliss ball making adventure!

Are you ready to embark on a culinary adventure that’s both nutritious and indulgent? Say hello to bliss balls – the bite-sized treats that pack a powerful punch of flavour and energy. Our students were so excited for this cooking class! Let’s dive into the world of bliss balls and uncover the secrets to crafting these irresistible delights.

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🍪 What are bliss balls? 

Bliss balls, also known as energy balls or protein balls, are small, round snacks made from a blend of nutritious ingredients such as nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and sweeteners like honey or maple syrup. They’re typically rolled into bite-sized balls and often coated with ingredients like coconut flakes or cocoa powder for an extra burst of flavour.

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📚 Practicing English skills: 

Participating in a cooking class provides an excellent opportunity to practice and enhance English language skills in a dynamic and immersive environment. From following recipes, communicating and collaborating with classmates and discussing culinary techniques, every aspect of the cooking process offers a chance to engage with the English language. Moreover, discussing food preferences, sharing cooking tips, and describing the flavours and textures of different dishes allows students to express themselves fluently and confidently.

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🤩 Making memories:

In our cooking class, students don’t just learn culinary techniques – they created lasting memories that nourish the soul. From the laughter shared to the sense of achievement, every moment in the class became a cherished memory.  These shared moments foster camaraderie and friendship, as students bond over their love for food and the joy of creating something together. As they work side by side, overcoming challenges and celebrating successes, students forge connections that extend beyond the class, forming lasting memories.

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Thank you to everyone who joined this amazing cooking class!


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