Sunshine Coast- Student Interview – 12 July

Student Interview


Valmir is one of our students in Lexis Sunshine Coast, he is from Brazil and today we interviewed him to find out more about his future plans in Australia.


Why did you decide to come to Sunshine Coast?

I chose Sunshine Coast because I like the warm weather, its location and because it’s a small city with amazing beaches and opportunities.

Why did you decide to study in Lexis?

Because of its reputation and the possibility to move to other cities.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to renew my English course in Lexis Sunshine Coast and then study a course in finance.

Are you working? Where?

Yes , I work in Rashays Restaurant.

Was it easy to find a job in Sunshine coast?

Yes but at the beginning it was a bit difficult because I needed to improve my English. However, there are plenty of opportunities and one of the teachers helped me do my resume.

What advice would you give to new students?

Focus on your studies and look for opportunities around you.

If possible live close to the school, speak in English all the time and enjoy the city.



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