Sunshine Coast – 6 fabulous graduates! – 26 May

Today we are celebrating 6 of our students graduation!

As the week comes to a close, it’s time to celebrate the incredible achievements of our graduating students. These individuals have dedicated themselves to their studies, embraced challenges, and made a lasting impact on their classmates lives!

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Iurii: Iurii has been with us for 24 weeks and has made progress in all of his skills. He and his wife are looking forward to enjoying their time in Australia, as he is off to university!

Kazuki: Though Kazuki has only been with us for 10 weeks, she has been a joy to have on campus. She has been a very active member of her class & is highly motivated in her studies. We wish her the best for the rest of her time working in Australia!

Jeab: Jeab has been with us for 30 weeks and has been such a sweet edition to every class she is in. We will miss her gentle nature & kind soul. She will be in Australia living with her partner and we hope she enjoys her time here!

Rafael: Rafa has been a very positive addition to our afternoon classes! We will miss his energetic spirit in the afternoons, motivating all the students to keep going! Safe travels, Rafa.

Ben: Ben has been with us for 30 weeks also! He has worked hard to improve his English in his time with us, and has succeeded in doing so! We will miss his kind heart around Lexis!

Maria: Maria has been with us for 12 weeks and has been the heart and soul of the pre-intermediate class! We will miss her spirit and wish her a safe 7 months left in Australia!


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