Noosa – Thrilling Scavenger Hunt Around Hastings Street – 27th September

Lexis Noosa embark on an exciting scavenger hunt around iconic Hastings Street!

Hastings Street, a bustling and vibrant street in the heart of Noosa Heads, is known for its beautiful beaches, boutique shops, and beautiful dining options. This afternoon, a group of enthusiastic students decided to explore this iconic street in a unique and exciting way—by embarking on a scavenger hunt! This adventure not only tested their language skills but also allowed them to immerse themselves in the local culture and build lasting memories.


The Scavenger Hunt Begins:

Armed with lists of clues and a thirst for adventure, students gathered on this sunny afternoon at the heart of Noosa Heads, ready to embark on their scavenger hunt around Hastings Street. The excited students split into teams of two, each team with a set of questions and tasks to complete to race to the finish line.

Teamwork and Communication:

The scavenger hunt was not only a test of their language abilities but also a lesson in teamwork and communication. In order to decipher the clues and find the hidden gems, students had to work together effectively, discussing their interpretations and brainstorming ideas. It was a fantastic opportunity for them to practice their English conversational skills while having fun.

Exploring Local Culture:

One of the most delightful aspects of this scavenger hunt was the chance to explore the local culture and engage with the friendly residents of Noosa Heads. Students interacted with shopkeepers, asked for directions, and even learned some local lingo along the way. It wasn’t just about finding clues; it was about becoming part of the community for a day.

Celebrating the Victories:

As each team successfully solved their clues and uncovered the hidden gems, there was a sense of triumph and celebration. Laughter and cheers echoed, as students proudly displayed their finds. These small victories served as motivation, pushing them to complete the hunt with even more enthusiasm.

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A Day to Remember:

The scavenger hunt not only provided a fun and immersive way for Lexis students to practice their language skills but also created lasting memories. It was an afternoon filled with laughter, exploration, and cultural exchange. As the sun started to set over Hastings Street, the winning team, Anlita and Rachel, indulged in a delicious ice cream as the winning prize – because who doesn’t love ice cream!


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