Noosa – Excited Graduates – 22nd March

It’s Friday and we are celebrating another 6 wonderful graduates today!

As yet another Friday afternoon comes to a close, we bid farewell to another wonderful group of Lexis students. Fridays evoke a mix of emotions here, with some students eagerly anticipating the adventures that await them, while others wish they could extend their stay. At Lexis Noosa, we’re more than just a school; we’re a family, and students form strong bonds with their peers and even their teachers. It can be heart-wrenching for some when it’s time to part ways, whether they’re the ones leaving or saying goodbye to friends who are moving on. The uncertainty of when, or if, you’ll reunite can add a bittersweet tinge to these farewells and graduation day.

However, graduation is mostly a day to celebrate. Throughout their academic journey, these six students have not only embraced the challenges of education but have also thrived in many exciting cultural experiences that our Lexis family offers. From the early morning classes to the lively conversations during breaks and engaging afternoon activities, each moment shared with these students has been a precious memory. Their commitment to mastering a new language is truly admirable, and we take pride in acknowledging their dedication and perseverance.

Congratulations to these graduates of Lexis English Noosa – Friday 22nd March 2024!

Happy Graduates Grad4 Grad3 Grad2 Grad1

To our graduates, we extend our heartfelt wishes to you all! Congratulations, and we hope you cherished your time at Lexis Noosa.

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