Noosa – Delicious Local Beer Tasting – 17th May

This afternoon’s activity consisted of a local beer tasting from Noosa’s best breweries!

Some of our students ended their busy Wednesday with a few delicious knock-off beverages. The term ‘knock-off’ is quite popular in Australia, often used by tradies (tradesman), as it means to stop work and finish the day. There’s no better way to do this, than to wind down with your mates and enjoy a drink together.

The students tasted 3 different beers from some amazing, local breweries in Noosa which included Heads of Noosa Brewery, Boiling Pot Brewery and Eumundi Brewery. We are so fortunate to have such great breweries on our doorstep that all create a variety of delicious, hand-crafted beers. These breweries offer a range of beers like pale ales, IPA’s, lagers and stouts using locally sourced ingredients.

Eumundi Brewery:
Our beers are crafted using quality ingredients and are perfect for enjoying in our incredible Queensland climate. We reckon they’re pretty good, but we’ll let you be the judge.  


Heads of Noosa:
With a passion for lagers and a focus on quality, we strive to produce truly enjoyable beers for everyone. We strive to support other local businesses in our search for the purest ingredients.  With an undivided focus on quality, we put the beer first but we have a lot of fun along the way. 

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Boiling Pot:
Inspired by all the incredible craft brew creativity, experimentation and innovation happening globally, Boiling Pot Brewing Co was founded with the intent to develop beers that pair best with our climate.
At Boing Pot we make beers that you can drink at your own pace, no matter the season.

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Our students tasted Heads of Noosa‘s Japanese lager, Boiling Pot‘s golden ale and Eumundi‘s pale ale. Overall, our local brewed beers were a hit! 99% of the students said that their favourite was Noosa Head’s Japanese lager! Then runner up was Boiling Pot’s golden ale and then Eumundi’s pale ale. They all noticed the refreshing flavours in the brewed beers and thought they’d be perfect for our Australian summer months.

Beer Beer5 Beer1 Beer3 Beer4

In Australia, there are several unique expressions and slang terms used to refer to beer. Here are some of the common ones:

  1. “Frothy” or “Cold one” or “Coldie”: These terms simply refer to a beer, highlighting the desire for a cold, refreshing beverage.
  2. “Tinnie”: This term is used to describe a can of beer. It originates from the word “tin,” as beer cans are typically made of aluminium.
  3. “Stubby”: In Australia, a “stubby” refers to a short, squat bottle of beer, usually made of glass. It is often associated with traditional Australian beer brands.
  4. “Schooner”: This term is used to describe a specific size of beer glass commonly found in New South Wales and Queensland. A schooner typically holds around 425ml of beer.
  5. “Middy” or “Pot”: These terms are used to refer to a smaller-sized beer glass, typically holding around 285ml of beer. The usage of “middy” or “pot” varies depending on the state or region in Australia.
  6. “Slab”: This term refers to a pack or case of beers, typically containing 24 cans or bottles. It is commonly used when purchasing beer in bulk.
  7. “Schooey”: This slang term refers to a shout or buying a round of beers for a group of friends. For example, “It’s my turn for a schooey!”

These expressions are just a few examples of the unique Australian slang associated with beer. They add a touch of local flavour to the Australian beer culture and are widely understood by Australians when discussing their favourite beverage.

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