Noosa – Christmas fun! – 23rd December

This week is the last week before Christmas holidays and our students had so much fun with plenty of Christmas themed activities before they go on holidays!

Here is a little look into what our week has looked like here at the Noosa campus.

Rum Balls

Our Upper Intermediate class got busy in the kitchen and made a traditional Australian Christmas treat. Rum balls are a very popular Christmas treat and super easy to make so we thought it would be a great activity for some of our students!

Rum ball ingredients:

  • Plain biscuits
  • Condensed milk
  • Desiccated coconut
  • Cacao powder

The process of making rum balls is easy. All the ingredients are mixed in a bowl, rolled into even balls and then stored in the fridge for a about 30 minutes before they’re ready to enjoy!

Rum Balls 2

Our students got into groups of three and four to assemble their rum balls.

Some of our groups got creative and showed off their great presentation skills (it always helps when you have a chef in your group). 
Rum Balls

Rum Balls 1

Christmas Cocktails

Kira, the Student Services Coordinator organised another Christmas activity for our students. On Wednesday for the weekly activity, our adult students made Christmas themed cocktails! The students made their choice of a Christmas margarita or a Rum eggnog cocktail.

The students learnt how to make, shake and garnish a cocktail, which so many of them had never done before!

Cocktails 1Afterwards, some of the students got creative and made their own recipes. The students had so much fun getting creative with fun cocktails and garnishing their drinks with nutmeg, lime and cherries.

CocktailsCocktail Making

Noosa National Park Walk

Our Advanced students walked 12km around the national park on Wednesday! It was a perfect day in Noosa, the sun was shining and it wasn’t too hot. Noosa National Park

Our students stopped in at many beaches and coves along the walk and were even lucky enough to see some dolphins at Dolphin Point! Some of our students also spotted a lizard catching a brown snake and caught it on video! Noosa National Park 1

After their hike, they stopped in and had a well-deserved picnic after their long walk.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

On Tuesday we had a whole school Christmas scavenger hunt. It was a race against each class to see who could earn the most points. The students got into their teams and were given a list of activities to complete. They all had 45 minutes to complete each task on the list and get photo evidence. The team with the most points won the challenge.

Scavenger Hunt

Our students were given lots of fun (and silly) tasks to complete. Scavenger Hunt 1

A scavenger hunt is always a fun activity that our students love and provides many smiles and laughs. 

As you can see, our last week of school has been so much fun! Our teachers and students have loved all of the different Christmas activities!


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