Noosa – Celebrating our Amazing Graduates – 19th May

Today we said farewell to 10 amazing students and celebrated their time here with us at Lexis Noosa!

Graduation celebrates the remarkable journey for our students, where they have grown both academically and personally. It’s a time to celebrate achievements, reflect on experiences, and look forward to the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

From Lexis Noosa, we say a huge congratulations to Andrea, Carmelo, Chiaki, Daniela, Doeon, Ines, Luana, Maho, Nathalia and Shun.

Our graduates have worked incredibly hard, dedicated their time and effort for months and today, it’s finally paid off! We have loved seeing each of these students improve their English skills and hope they made lifelong memories at Lexis Noosa. 

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Carmelo with his teachers Rob, Jessie, Chanelle and Natalie.
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Carmelo and Chanelle.

Carmelo has been studying at Lexis Noosa for a whopping 36 weeks, starting in July 2022. He started in Elementary class and slowly progressed his way through each level to finally graduate from Upper Intermediate class. He made valuable friendships with his teachers, even joking that one of his teachers, Rob, would be the godfather of his children. Another one of his teachers, Jessie, said it was like watching your child grow up and being so proud of everything they’ve accomplished. Carmelo has such a kind nature and will be missed by his classmates, friends and teachers at Lexis Noosa. Carmelo will hang around Noosa for another year and will go on to study architecture. We wish him all the very best in his future endeavors!

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Maho and her teacher Kimberley.

Maho has also been such a beautiful student that has spent 12 weeks studying at Lexis Noosa. She graduated from Elementary class, making great progress since her arrival. We will miss Maho and her big smile in class, however, wish her the best of luck in her future outside of Lexis. Thank you for choosing to study with us, we loved your warm energy Maho.

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Chiaki, Daniela and their teacher Kelly.

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Two lovely ladies from Intermediate class, Chiaki and Daniela, also graduated today, however celebrated a little different to the others. Teacher Kelly, took her intermediate class to Noosa Woods this morning to enjoy an ‘International breakfast’ together.  Each student made some food that was traditional to, or reflected their home country. They enjoyed a perfect autumn day and celebrated Chiaki and Daniela’s achievements at Lexis! A perfect graduation party that these girls deserve. We will miss you both!

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