Noosa – Celebrating Amazing Easter Festivities – 22nd March

Crafty Creations: Students Dive into the Easter Spirit with Foam and Q-tips!

In the spirit of Easter, a group of students embarked on a delightful crafting adventure this afternoon. Armed with foam, Q-tips, and plenty of creativity, they set out to bring adorable Easter bunnies to life!

With gentle guidance from our lovely instructors, students dove into the task with enthusiasm, each envisioning their own unique bunny masterpiece. Using foam as the base, the students shaped the outline of their bunnies, ensuring every detail was just right. Then came the fun part – decorating! Q-tips became the perfect tools for adding the fur, whilst pink and white pipe cleaners were used for ears and feet!

Easter Easter1 Easter2 Easter3 Easter4 Easter5
Laughter and conversation filled the room as the students exchanged tips and encouragement, bonding over their shared passion for creativity. With every carefully placed Q-tip, their Easter bunnies began to take shape, each one infused with its creator’s personality and style.

As the afternoon drew to a close, the students proudly admired their handiwork – a colorful array of Easter bunnies, each one bursting with charm and character!

Easter BunniesAt Lexis, we believe in nurturing not only language skills but also creativity and self-expression. This delightful crafting session was a shining example of that belief in action, as students embraced the spirit of Easter and tapped into their artistic talents in a fun and meaningful way. It was a Friday afternoon well spent, filled with laughter, camaraderie, and the simple pleasure of creating something beautiful.

Here’s to the spirit of Easter and the boundless creativity of our Lexis students – may it continue to inspire and uplift us all! 🐰🎨✨

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