News from Maria in Colombia

MariaLas Vegus Canyon

Hi everyone.
I´m back home in Colombia now. I have an intereting job and I bought a new car. I´m very
excited about that.
My trip to Los Angeles was long, about 30 hours.My plane took off at
11:00 am on Saturday (Caloundra time) and I arrived to my hotel in Los
Angeles at 12:AM (4:00 pm on Sunday Caloundra time).
I spent 4 days in Las Vegas. It was a great time despite the weather that
oscilated between 40 and 42°C. I think the best word to describe the city
is “extravagant”. All places have a casino. It´s a 24 hour a day city.
I went to The Grand Canyon, the views are amazing and you can feel so
peaceful. It´s a beautiful place.
I also saw “O”, a great performance by the Cirque du Solei. It was
I just want to say thanks to all of you, my time in Australia was special
and I will always remember it.
For Andy, Patty and Vivien thanks for your help and your friendliness and
to GV students  – please take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy it. I did.
A big hug!!!


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