News from Lisa in Switzerland

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Dear  friends and students. I returned to Switzerland 2 month ago. It’s very nice here, but not the same like in Australia. I miss all the students, teachers (yes Patty, its true, I even miss the gramar-lessons;-) ) and all the nice things all day.
I work now for the biggest insurance company in Switzerland. This company is in Zurich, the biggest city in Switzerland as well. It is a very interesting job, but all is new and the building is so big and now it is summer in Switzerland, but the weather is not very nice and we haven’t been to the beach.
The pictures are from the last weekend-trip to the west of Switzerland. It is a very nice place with mountains and a lake. The other picture is from the biggest waterfall in Europe. It is very close to my house, maybe 5 minutes away.
I hope, I will see somebody from my school some time in Switzerland. It’s a nice country:-)))
See you and take care. A big hug from Switzerland for you.                     Lisa

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