Byron Bay- Meet our amazing FCE class!- 25 March 2024

Meet our new Cambridge FCE class!

Our new FCE class recently got to know each other better via interviews.

Meet Our New Class! Img 6979 Scaled

Here is what they wrote:

Meet Jaqueline, Marta and Rie!

Marta is from Barcelona, an amazing city with lots of things to do. Restaurants, social life, and lots of culture. Ion her leisure time she likes to do yoga, read books, write, and sing songs, and play the ukulele or piano. In the next 11 weeks Marta is planning on writing more songs, practicing more yoga and making more friends from different countries.’

Jaquie is from Posse, Brazil. She is a doctor and has lived in a lot of different places in Brazil. She lived in Rio Di Janeiro where there is a big city- she had lots of fun.  She likes camping, parties and anything to do with nature. She wants to try to travel around Byron Bay and make some friends from new countries, and of course, learning lots of English and improving her skills’.

Rie is from Japan. She lives centrally in Tokyo, an amazing, busy city that is full of many people. In her free time, she loves to practice yoga, spend time with her friends and spend time outside in nature. During the 11 weeks, Rie would like to improve her English skills, get a good mark on the FCE test and make some more friends.’

Meet Arabia and David!

David is from Medellin, a cultural city where you can find a lot of things to do. In his leisure time he loves to go surfing, diving and create new content for his Instagram. His goals for the next 11 weeks will be improving his English, his surfing and enjoying the simple pleasures.’

Arabia is from Canary Islands, a beautiful city in the south of Spain. It is off the coast of African which makes the Canary Islands special. She loves training and walking on the beach with her dog. She is afraid of wild nature, especially snakes and sharks, so one of her main goals is to face her fears and start surfing the amazing waves of Byron.

Meet Antonieta and Fabienne!

Fabi is from Switzerland, a small country with 8 million inhabitants, with a lot of mountains, the most famous is the Matterhorn. In her leisure time she likes meeting friends, drinking coffee and painting. On her to do list she has improving her English, making new friends and achieving a good mark in the FCE test.’

Antonieta is from Chile. The most famous places are the Andes Mountains and Patagonia. She told me about a famous poet, his name was Pablo Neruda. Her favorite food is Pastel de Choclo. In her leisure time she likes cooking or meeting friends. In the next 11 weeks she wants to improve her English, find a job and eat healthier.’

Meet Robin and Ami!

Ami lies in Ugo in Japan. The population is reducing because a lot of people are moving to Tokyo. In Ugo there are about 18,000 people. The most common job is a farmer. In her leisure time she likes to do yoga and listen to music. She likes to walk in the morning. Sometimes she walks from Byron Bay industrial estate to school. On her to do list is study English.’

Robin is from Aedermannsdorf e Solothurn, Switzerland. The population of the village is 560, but Switzerland has become more popular recently. He enjoys boxing and going to the beach to swim in his leisure time. He would like to try BJJ which is similar to wrestling, go to the jungle and try scuba diving over the next 11 weeks. ‘

Meet Flavie and Mariana!

‘Mariana is from Venezuela (Caracas). Caracas is a good city with a lot of nature (mountains and beaches surrounding) during the weekend, she used to go to Morrocoy. This beautiful place is 4 hours from Caracos. There she had a little boat and a house. During her free-time she likes to do sport, for example cross-fit and mountain climbing. For the next 11 weeks she would like to pass the Cambridge test, do some surfing, and see more places around Byron.’

Flavie is from Brussels a multicultural city, she usually speaks French with her friends, but she learnt Dutch before coming to Australia. She hangs out with her friends near The Grand Place that is in the city town. In her free time, she likes to dance: ballet, contemporary and jazz. Her plans in the next 11 weeks are studying English at Lexis, then after 6 weeks she starts a solo trip of the East Coast and then goes back to Brussels, to start university and study physiotherapy.’


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