Lexis Brisbane – Student Spotlight – 25 August 2022

At Lexis Brisbane, we have a wonderful and diverse group of students so we thought we should share their experiences. For our first student spotlight, we will be talking to David.  David is a 23-year-old General English student from Spain, specifically from Barcelona. He came to Brisbane 3 months ago to begin his studies at Lexis Brisbane and has recently completed the advanced class with Teacher Brittany.

This is David’s experience of Lexis Brisbane in his own words.

David Sitting On A Blue Lounge

So David, tell me about yourself…

So, to describe me I can say that I am an ambitious guy who left everything behind to live a new experience and learn a lot about different cultures and develop myself.

David And His Friend Miki Posing With Peace Signs

Why did you come to Brisbane to study English?

Well I think that this is a very personal decision but in my case, the main reason was the weather. I was looking for something that was similar to Barcelona.  I was searching for the city that approaches the Catalonia or Barcelona weather. Also according to different interviews that I saw from students living here I decided that Brisbane was the best option to come to instead of Sydney or Melbourne.

David Speaking With His Classmate

Why are you studying English?

I’m studying English because nowadays in the professional world it’s a must. You need to know English to be able to perform all of your tasks. Also in Spain there aren’t very good professional opportunities so I want to try abroad.  So, if I want to try working abroad I need to know English. It’s a very trait and characteristic of a professional who wants to dedicate to, in my case, the economic field.

David Explaining Things To His Classmates

What are your thoughts on studying English at Lexis Brisbane? 

I needed to choose between 3 schools and one of them was Lexis.  I finally decided Lexis because the vast majority of students recommended it and when I came here I realised why.  Here in Lexis you can find a very dynamic teaching model with a very good integration between the class and also the teachers. It’s like a way of teaching that helps you achieve your objective of learning English. I think it’s the best one here in Brisbane for sure. I think the teaching model is the main strength of Lexis.

David Standing With His Teacher Brittany

What’s your life like in Brisbane?

Well, that’s also very personal. I’m a routine guy. I like to exercise but also here in Brisbane with my friends from school we do a lot of things. Also with Lexis you can go to many different events with benefits for Lexis students. Here in Brisbane you can do a lot of things because it is a very good city. It is very well connected with the public transport. My life is very routine, studying English a lot, doing exercise and sometimes meeting with my friends.

David With His Friends

Why do you want to do the Cambridge exam?

As I said, one of main purposes here was learning English for the professional word that a waits me. A very competitive advantage in this section is the knowledge of English. To prove that you have a really good level of English, I think that the Cambridge certificates are some of the most recognised around the world. So for this reason, the Cambridge exam will give me an advantage over the other people trying to reach the same level or goals as me.

David Sitting At A Kitchen Bench Chatting With Hector

After studying the General English course, do you feel prepared to start CAE? 

Yes of course. I think the most important thing that I have developed at this school is my confidence while I’m talking. When we arrive from our countries we barely speak some English so the first days are very difficult but from the integration in the class you will feel more and more confident. I think that is the main point studying here is your confidence to speak. If you have the confidence, you will improve a lot. The advanced course helped me with this and I am more than ready to start the CAE course.

David With His Friend Jordi Sitting On A Couch

Is there anything else you would like to add? 

Not really, just that my situation here makes me feel very loved, very helped also by all of the staff here at Lexis. I think this is an important point, you’re not just a student, you’re a part of a family more or less. This is very important thing and helps you develop yourself more and more.

David With His Friends Pulling Funny Faces

We would like to say a big thank you to David for taking part in his student spotlight interview and sharing his thoughts and experiences at Lexis Brisbane.

You can find out about the General English course here, the Cambridge English Advanced course here or check out the Brisbane campus where David studies here.

If you have questions about our Cambridge exam preparation courses, we have an informative interview with Alison, our wonderful CAE teacher. Click here to read it. 

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