Lexis Brisbane – G’Day to Our New Students This Week! – 14.08.23

Welcome to Lexis Brisbane!

This morning, we welcomed 12 new English students to our beautiful Brisbane campus!

Kazane, Yuki, and Miyu joined us from Japan, Gihra from Brazil, Anita from Hungary, Paula from Chile, Cynthia from Peru, Yung-Chi and Hung-Yu from Tawain, and last but not least, Jeanne, Nina, and Ines from Switzerland.

Welcome to Lexis Brisbane!

We invite everyone to reach out and lend a friendly hand in greeting to these new members of our Lexis Brisbane family. Let’s try to forge connectons and frirndships, whether it is over coffee in our lively student lounge or taking part in our wide choice of social events. We want to reassure all of our new students that you have a committed team of teachers, staff, and classmates who are there for you every step of the way. We are aware that transitioning to a new setting might be difficult at first, but be reassured that you are not travelling alone. Your success is also our success, and by working together, we can accomplish amazing things.

In terms of getting involved with our growing community, each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we organise group activities for all of our students to get involved in, whether it be karaoke, field trips, cocktail-making, arts and crafts, paint and sips, yoga, or even video game competitions. Our Coffee and Conversation Club on Mondays is the perfect mix of learning and fun, allowing our students to practice both their listening and speaking skills whilst enjoying some delicious coffee and the company of friends. Check our some of our blogs to see some of the fun things our students have gotten up to!

On the other hand, we have opportunities for our students to solely focus on their studies outside of class time, such as ‘GIL’; Guided Individual Learning. GIL allows students to receive help on particular topics from one of our fantastic teachers outside of their designated class time. Our weekly activities and study opportunities are organised because we want our students to achieve success and be proactive about their learning whilst having a heap of fun! Here at Lexis Brisbane, we aren’t just a learning institution, we are a family.

Once again, welcome to Lexis Brisbane! We are so excited to have Kazane, Yuki, Gihra, Jeanne, Hung-Yu, Cynthia, Ines, Paula, Miyu, Yung-Chi, Anita, and Nina join us and we can’t wait to be a part of your fantastic learning journey!


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