Lexis Brisbane – Congratulations to Friday’s Graduates! – 31.07.23

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Celebrating Our Brilliant Graduates!

On Friday, 19 of our students graduated from their classes! Their tireless work and efforts have not gone unnoticed and for that, they deserve to be recognised!

Our Advanced graduates were Ivan, Kyoko, Ahmet, Timon, and Shui- Ki. Our Upper-Intermediate graduates were Genny, Maria, and Minseok. Angie, Guillaume, Meri, and Marie graduated from their Intermediate classes and Mayuko, Pauline, Chen-Yu, and Chen-Tse from the Pre-Intermediate level. Last but not least, Maxime graduated from Cambridge Advanced English (CAE), Katheryn graduated from IELTS Preparation, and Hamit graduated from his Elementary class. Congratulations to these exeptional students who have accomplished English goals and put their best foot forward!

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Throughout their time at Lexis English Brisbane, our graduates’ teachers and peers have witnessed their growth, both personally and academically. From those initial hesitant steps into the classroom to the confident learners you are today, it has been a pleasure to watch our wonderful graduates embrace the challenges of language learning and emerge as proficient communicators.

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Angie, Genny, Ivan, Kyoko, Ahmet, Maria, Minseok, Mayuko, Hamit, Katheryn, Meri, Maxime, Timon, Guillaume, Pauline, Marie, Shui-Ki, Chen-Yu, and Chen Tse, each one of you has demonstrated unwavering commitment to your English language journey. Your efforts have not only enriched your language skills but also enriched our lives as educators. Your achievements extend beyond the mere grasp of language; they encompass a deeper understanding of culture, mutual respect, and the forging of new friendships. In a world increasingly interconnected, these qualities will serve you well as you venture out into diverse and exciting paths ahead. No matter how short or long your time here at Lexis was, this transformative learning experience in a foreign country has paved the way for a more profound understanding of the global community we all inhabit. What an incredible accomplishment!

As you move forward, equipped with the power of language, we hope you continue to be curious, open-minded, and empathetic individuals. The journey of learning is never-ending, and we have no doubt that you will continue to embrace new challenges, seek knowledge, and reach greater heights. On behalf of the entire Lexis English Brisbane family, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to each one of you. May your graduation be a stepping stone to boundless opportunities and personal growth. Always remember, the end of this chapter is just the beginning of an exciting new one.

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