GV Brisbane & GV Noosa – same or different?

Having previously taught at GV Noosa and now at GV Brisbane, Nathan shares his unique perspective with us on these two great Global Village locations.

Gv Bne Nathan Class
Nathan and his current class at GV Brisbane

The Global Village English schools in Noosa and Brisbane are different but in many ways they are the same.  What I mean by different is that while Noosa’s location – that is, in very short distance to some of the most picturesque beaches in Australia – is undeniably far superior if you want to learn to surf or hang out on the beach, Brisbane has so much to offer students in terms of going out in the evenings, shopping, proximity to the airport and easy access to towns to the south like the Gold Coast and Byron Bay.


However, the two schools are similar in so many ways. The ethos of Global Village, strangely, feels very familiar going from one location to the next. Even though at first sight the schools look quite different, with Noosa located in a larger campus built around a sunny courtyard and Brisbane located in a downtown office building, there feels to be an atmosphere that is entirely owned by Global Village itself. Perhaps it is something both the teachers and students put out, the types of people GV attracts; it tends to be an atmosphere of positivity and one of integration amongst students and teachers alike.

Brisbane City River

As for my preference, well, I’m from the Sunshine Coast originally, I love surfing, my friends and family are there, so it’s only logical that I should choose Noosa. Then why am I in Brisvegas? Well, the same reason that so many students choose it, perhaps: there are so many people of the same age to socialize with in a city, more opportunities to develop, and I can always travel to Noosa or the Gold Coast for a surf whenever I need a break from city life.

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